Brexit fall out: nervous breakdown?

According to Nicola Sturgeon, many more Scots might favour independence now. According to a UK Telegraph columnist, the not-that-united United Kingdom is having a nervous breakdown. Looks more like a total political meltdown.

On the other side of the Channel, Angela Merkel thinks a British U-turn on a Brexit seems unlikely. Quite right. For a start: which political leader can take steps to cause a U-turn? Fortunately Farage is stuck in the EU Parliament in Brussels.

Should Johnson be elected Tory Party Leader, people who vote him into this job will have remarkably short memories. Pro-Johnson folks must have forgotten all the fibs, fabrications, lies he used to help cause the Brexit and present mess.

There is Miliband,  quite rightly stating Jeremy Corbyn’s position is simply untenable. Like other people who watched from the sideline yesterday, I can only agree. I simply can’t think of a party leader – or any kind of leader – who  loses practically total support within less than 3 days, hanging on while claiming “they voted me in last year”.  Last year is last year; this is about the most recent election!

Apparently, today Mr Cameron during Question Time told Mr Corbyn: “For heaven’s sake man, just go!” One starts to feel sorry for Jeremy Corbyn: is he thick-headed, arrogant, or simply dim-witted?

This is not the UK having a nervous breakdown. What is happening in the Labour Party, is far worse. All that happened after the Brexit result, seems more like turmoil, chaos, as if the whole political landscape in the UK is in meltdown.

Ms Sturgeon may want to become part of the EU,  Scotland is not independent and still part of theUK. At the moment, France and Spain are the EU member states not in favour, though other EU members seem to dangle the idea of a “a la Denmark” solution in front of Scotland. So right now: Scotland may wish, want, dream – it remains part of the Brexit.

British news and papers seem to think the EU did the UK a favour by granting David Cameron or the PM who will replace him, more time? How about not viewing things from the British side? More time perfectly suits the EU, which will use the time to ensure its 27 member states will get the best deals.

The UK Pound and stock markets may rally: EasyJet and Vodafone are two of many international firms, threatening to leave the UK. With Starbucks and other internationals having used EU member state rules and laws to avoid paying too much tax, one wonders how long it might take for the first firms to actually move to Ireland or the Continent.

Telegraph columnist Allisson Pearson: nervous breakdown


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