Brexit fall out: simply didn’t want to go

The life of a blogger can be quirky. After the news of the result of the Labour no confidence vote, I presumed it was safe to meet friends for a drink. After all: so many members of the Labour shadow cabinet resigned, that many Labour MPs said they had no confidence in their leader Jeremy Corbyn … A Labour Leader Contest seemed a dead certain thing.

After all: my friends and I, European citizens from different countries, had plenty to whine about. The Brexit, Spain losing, Iceland winning, the weather, family, travels, Spanish politics, Donald Tusk, work and other horrors. We wondered aloud: did the Brits realise they might now soon need work permits like our American cousins? Worse: did they realise they might soon need visa to visit their second homes in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Malta, France and other EU member states?

A few hours later, returning from a local place notorious for its awful service which resulted in me not being even asked if I wanted or needed a drink, the tv was on. CNN was kind of lost for news and kept showing the same takes of Farage, Juncker, Cameron, the Westminster Bremain protest. All of a sudden, the terrorist attacks in Turkey cut in and images of emergency services and victims at Istanbul’s international airport were shown. The first thing one does is mentally go through the list of friends and acquaintances who might be anywhere near the place attacked. It was late, but even later in Turkey, so it was best not to start calling around.

After the shock had diminished, I switched to the BBC news. Guess what? Despite my post and every decent journalist presuming he would, Mr. Corbyn had no intention of handing in the towel. Despite ministers continuing resigning from his shadow cabinet right up to the no-confidence vote, he saw no need to resign. Despite over 80% of Labour MPs having no confidence in his leadership, he simply refused to budge.

Some bloggers, journalists, and other folks may head to the fridge or drinks cupboard after witnessing all this. I needed my cushion, duvet, sweet dreams and nightmares. The world is a daft place and some politicians simply seem dafter than daft.


About Kate

Multilingual arts & culture journalist, blogger, columnist, writer and translator. Contributor to international (news) media. 2014 winning columnist Gentse Schrijversdagen, Gand, Belgium.
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