Brexit fall out: they fall like …

Plenty pro-Brexit politicians gleefully predicted the EU and its member states would fall like dominoes. A few days into the Brexit, and who mainly seem to fall like dominoes are British politicians.

David Cameron’s resignation came fast. Jeremy Corbyn takes ages. Now Boris Johnson has pulled out of the leadership contest.

Many voters and non-voters believe Boris Johnson was not at all that much into brexiting. They suspect he used his pro-Brexit campaign to oust David Cameron and become the next Prime Minister.

With all the lies, fibbing, fabrications going on during the Brexit-Bremain campaign, it came as a surprise some British voters actually still believed in Mr Johnson.

Fortunately, the long list of contenders is now minus one. Contenders with the best papers in the Tory Party leadership election seem to be Theresa May or  Michael Gove.

Or should one say Mr Gove’s wife? It seems she is pulling his strings with  her mails, messages, advice.

The options for new Tory leader and PM:

That is to say … if nobody else drops out.

UK Telegraph: Boris Johnson announces 


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