Brexit: “It’s a joke, isn’t it?”

No – Brexit is not, nor is the appointment. The question is one of the mildest reactions the world over, to Boris Johnson’s appointment as Her Majesty’s Pricipal Secretary of  State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs. “He’s a plonker!” is one of the most interesting reactions recorded so far, according to the Guardian. If only Wikileaks were happening now! Diplomatic cables certainly must have been entertaining these past 48 hours.

It’s not just the US State Department’s spokesperson who had problems keeping a straight face. Foreign Ministers of EU member states pointed out, they want and need British ministers who are credible and reliable, to negotiate with. Others already wondered aloud about the competence and professionalism of Mrs May’s government.

What will be interesting to see, is the first meeting between Boris Johnson and Turkey’s PM, if Boris Johnson visits Turkey. After all, Boris Johnson’s poem is anything but epic. In fact, it is far worse than anything Dutch journalist Ebru Umar wrote so far.

When she visited Turkey earlier this year, she was arrested because of her criticism of Erdogan. While she was unable to leave Turkey, her Amsterdam home was ransacked by Erdogan supporters. The Turkish consulate in Rotterdam called on every person in the Netherlands, to anonymously report names of Dutch citizens insulting Erdogan – with the blessing of the Turkish embassy in the Netherlands.

So with Boris Johnson’s poem winning a contest, what will happen to him? Will Erdogan have him arrested, ask Brits to call Turkish consulates and embassy in the UK to anonymously report anybody insulting Erdogan in Great Britain – with the aim to arrest such people if ever they dare visit Turkey? Will Boris’ home be ransacked?

An unlikely series of events of course, even if Blundering Boris managed to insult and will continue to insult all and sundry, the world over. It will now be very difficult to take him to task.

Meanwhile, Britain’s prestige and credibility are already suffering. Suffering not just because of the Brexit, the void, the lack of a Brexit contingency plan, the Labour Party’s in-fighting, the messy leadership election within the Tory Party, and Theresa May – not setting an election date. (So she may or may not be properly voted into her job.)

A slight majority of British voters being pro-Brexit may have been a mistake. Theresa May’s selection of who will serve in her government, seems to be the next tragic one.

Guardian “Your new boss is a plonker!”

Telegraph Dutch journalist arrested for criticising Erdogan


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