Arrogant liars: it’s a success!

In the UK, a legal challenge to the Brexit procedure has started. According to the UK Telegraph, Boris Johnson is calling the challengers liars. The Brexit is a huge success.

Plenty media made it plain what Boris Johnson and his chums were up to during the referendum campaign which landed the UK with its Brexit. Boris was arrogently selling blatent lies and distorting facts and truths. Of course, he was well rewarded. So nothing wrong with Boris Johnson’s selective short term memory.

As for the past few months since the Brexit referendum result: the UK Pound is slithering up and down, but mostly down. It is to be hoped its exchange rate will fall below 1 Euro early December. It already nearly did this week.

Such an exchange rate should ensure, going on Xmas shopping trips to London and other UK cities will be affordable to those stuck on the European continent. For the moment, it remains more interesting to shop and holiday in 27 other EU-member-states.

The Independent not only sported a bold headline about the legal challenge to the Brexit being called arrogant by another UK MP. Right beneath it, there was the slightly less eye-catching headline “Hate crimes soared by 41% after Brexit vote, official figures reveal”.

That the new British sport of foreigner-bashing is increasing, came as no surprise. Anybody keeping an eye on UK news was aware of it. But an increase of 41%! This is staggering. If the increase continues, foreigners should think twice about remaining in or moving to Britain – now and after a Brexit.

Meanwhile, it is not just US universities trying to lure away UK university staff and bright students. European universities have followed the US’s bold examples. Students already at UK universities are wondering if they want to remain. Those contemplating studying in the UK, are also looking into alternatives.

For it is not just the foreigner-bashing which makes non-Brits feel rather unwelcome. Theresa May recently claimed foreign students, who pay far more money than British ones to study at British universities, prevent British students from obtaining university places and degrees. Of course, with all the EU funding stopping soon, UK universities can easily do without the extra money foreign students bring in.

British politicians continue to claim they can pick and choose the best Brexit deal without any compromes. They state they are in control and calling the shots. It is their perspective and their long term predictions of what they seem to consider their reality. Expats on what the Brits consider to be the wrong side of the Channel, are less positive.

Expats in Britain also have mixed feelings, though the Brexit will not affect all foreigners equally. Those in top jobs, well educated, earning high wages, stimulating the British economy, will not be affected by any kind of Nazi-like “Ausländer raus” attitude. UK politicians continue to claim such foreigners remain extremely welcome.

So much for an “equal society” someone on the right side of the Channel harped about this summer. In Britain as anywhere else, some people simply remain more equal and more welcome than the rest of us – regardless of colour, religion, nationality. Not that non-Brits in high places bank on being granted some kind of “solche Ausländer herin“-status.

Late September, Bloomberg already screamed Ceos were planning “Life after Brexit”. The Guardian highlighted Nissan’s demands for Brexit compensation. Only a few days ago, CBI’s director general was gloomy about British business prospects after Theresa May’s hard Brexit attitude. Oh, and there was that news splashed across most international and UK news websites: a hard Brexit might well costs the UK £66bn a year.

But hey: Boris Johnson and his chums brand the Brexit a success and anybody challenging his views or Brexit procedures a liar.

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UK Independent
UK Independent 
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