He’s easily led

My pc crashed yesterday and so did I. So it was rather difficult to share worries. It all started yesterday morning, with me crying so much I fell off the couch. This in turn caused my upstair neighbour to knock on my door.

My neighbours are by now fairly used to eruptions of laughter in the morning and evening. They are aware these are caused by each new episode in what many European political journalists now call “The Soap Opera”. The soap opera refers to the current US election and especially the Republican candidate.

However, it was not Mr Trump causing me to cry from laughing and crash to the floor. It was CNN showing Mrs Trump trying to convince everybody, her man is easily led and goaded. Left alone, he apparently is not into groping or making awful comments about women (and everybody else).

After copying Mrs Obama, now Mrs Phoney was copying Mrs Clinton. Like Mrs Clinton years ago, Mrs Trump stood by her man. Of course, in the middle of a presidential election campaign, a wife has no other option then to prop up her man.

It was just that the spin did not wash, or at least not with me – again.

Goaded on? Easily led? Stirred up? Put to it?

Other men were to blame?
For I can’t imagine it were those check-out-once-you’re-35-women, goading or leading Mr Trump on. Can you?

But if Mr Trump is that easily led, goaded, influenced to misbehave, insult, rave and rant, do silly things …

Then how on earth did he come to end up this far in an US election campaign and that close to becoming the next US President? Didn’t the Republicans notice, this guy is that easy to influence, goad, manipulate, worse?

If Mr Trump’s current wife is right, what guarantees does the rest of the world have, her husband will not be led on by say someone nice like President Assad, or goaded by someone shrewd like President Xi Jinping, or influenced by someone decent like President Kim Jong-un? Who can ensure us, this US presidential candidate will not behave like some poodle on President Putin’s leash?

These were just a few of the questions I pondered, once I regained my couch. Then I started writing a post and my laptop crashed. Then I had far worse worries than the many what-if’s about Donald Trump.


About Kate

Multilingual arts & culture journalist, blogger, columnist, writer and translator. Contributor to international (news) media. 2014 winning columnist Gentse Schrijversdagen, Gand, Belgium.
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