Watching from the far sidelines, one now nearly starts to believe Trump. No, not everything he claims, states, raves, rants about. Just his accusation  “This election is rigged”.

One nearly starts to wonder about the timing and release of that docu-film “Weiner”. Then there is that Republican FBI person, suddenly scratching behind his ear and deciding there’s something fishy about mails, server, laptops, after all.

While Italy is recovering from its umpteenth serious quake, on CNN wise old men discuss the timing of the second mail bomb. Apparently, it is a bit iffie. Traditionally, such announcements are not made that many days before an US election.

Indeed, one wonders; why spill such baked beans now? Why drag in the Weiner’s laptops now? Are things so life-threatening at the moment? And if so, to whom and whom benefits? Couldn’t things have been made public between say June and September?

As the UK Guardian’s Spencer Ackerman muses, while senators and a whole campaign team demand answers: “… The Justice Department, meanwhile, distanced itself from Comey. … Legal observers were perplexed by Comey’s Friday letter to Congress, particularly after he subsequently told FBI employees “we don’t know the significance of this newly discovered collection of emails”, …” And earlier in his article: “… Comey testified to dissatisfied congressional Republicans that revisiting the decision would be unlikely.”

In the meantime, Trump is busy announcing the destruction of Obama-care and jailing of Mrs Clinton. This will undoubtedly be followed by the destruction of a lot more – including the status the US has in this world. In as far as Trump has not already managed to seriously damaged the view and opinions of the US outside it.

Just after the awful news from Italy this morning, a Trump groupy actually appeared on CNN to promote the man as a non-groper, totally safe to have around women. She continued to explain, that during a meeting with him and his wife, the man did not put his hands on her breast … when comparing breast-sizes of her and his wife. According to this groupy, Trump merely and merrily measures such sizes by keeping his hands in front of women without touching their breasts.

Must be reassuring for say Theresa May, or Angela Merkel. After all, they may end up closeted with this guy when having to discuss world peace. But since when is such male behaviour NOT disgusting, inappropriate, sexually intimidating? Since when has such behaviour suddenly become socially acceptable again?

In the meantime, Wikileaks is busy publishing hacked Clinton mails. But surprisingly, nothing about Trump’s tax files, opaque business deals, mails. They simply remain silent. What kind of biassed leaking is that?

Is there nothing to investigate? There is plenty: just take the golf course in Scotland, now run by a member of Trump’s ilk. Have the media forgotten about this misty deal and claims about corruption? Plenty papers reported the then Scottish government under Alex Salmon, had been bought and duped.

After all, Trump got permission to wreck a nature reserve. Now everybody has forgotten the farmer and others who were bullied, threatened, man handled. How many media have bothered to report about the various illegal dealings of the Trumps there?

That Trump pulled out of – or shelved – the 2nd golf course, does not mean there is nothing to investigate! High time the likes of Wikileaks, CNN and other media have a close look at Trump’s university, business deals, tax evasions and more.

Before you complain: no, I’m no great fan of Hillary Clinton. I am a great fan of people like Michael Forbes, who refuse to be bullied or intimidated by  Trump.

Unfortunately, the media still seem to prefer not to cover Trump’s proven illegal dealings. Instead, they continue to show him claiming this election is rigged and his opponent is corrupt. By continuing to underestimate the threat of someone like Trump in the White House, the media ensure this US election is indeed rigged.

April Walloga “Trump finally replies to claims he bullied 90-year-old woman”
Guardian Spencer Ackermann “Democrats pile pressure on FBI’s Corney.
Independent Trump’s Scottish golf course



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