Did you bother? I didn’t. After that first copy-paste affair, as far as I was concerned, all credits were lost. After the comments and complaints on bullying, I really started to wonder if the concept, idea, what it means to be bullied, had actually landed anywhere near the bird’s brain.

Not being a proper journalist, abiding by proper journalistic and old-fashioned media  standards, the first thing which struck me was actually the pink dress. It was simply awful, but commenting on a woman’s appearance is of course sexist and discriminating – even if the woman’s hubby does nothing but. Even if the woman is married to a bully who thinks women are pigs and should check out before turning thirty-something.

So I did not bother to see if any copying-pasting had taken place when Mrs Trump speeched in Pennsylvania. Nor when she speeched in North Caroline, or wherever she turned up. After all, she had proven she was nothing more than a pretty marionette being used by her husband and his campaign team.  Okay, perhaps not totally: after all, she claimed she was able to write speeches – or at least deliver them.

I was wondering: did any of you bother to check? Okay: not that nice of me, but did anybody bothered to check how much had been copy-catted in any of Mrs Trump’s speeches since her first plagiarism case?

Sure, this is not a kind dig. But having had to write my own essays and thesis, I simply don’t like nor appreciate folks who are so focussed on becoming the next US First Lady, they need to copy the previous one. Even borrowing a blank space from somebody else’s speech, a wave, a smile, serves to highlight the copy-cat is unable to be unique, unable to trust her own personality and character, unable to show the world her real self.

So did anybody out there check, where she got her copy from the last few speeches? Doubt it was from US citizens, but there are plenty politicians and world leaders outside the US who speech regularly. So just for a lark: did you vet if Mrs Trump lifted a sentence or two from some speech by say Theresa May “Brexit – we’re calling the shots”, or Angela Merkel “Wir schaffen das”, or even Blundering Boris’ “Brexit is a titanic success”?



About Kate

Multilingual arts & culture journalist, blogger, columnist, writer and translator. Contributor to international (news) media. 2014 winning columnist Gentse Schrijversdagen, Gand, Belgium.
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