Not my President 2

The “He is NOT my president” protests continue. Police are out on the streets in various US cities. Peaceful protests have been high-jacked and turned into riots. The only good point of these riots is, that this time it’s not because a trigger-happy police officer killed someone with a minority background.

Apparently, a certain person thought it safe to hand back control of DoT’s twitter account to its rightful owner. Sure enough, DoTtie is back in form. The media are to blame for these riots. They are not related to DoTtie’s insults, remarks, attitude, political views and all DoT represents. He is not responsible for manipulating and increasing the gulf between various groups within the US.

Welcome to Trump-land, America.
A majority of you voted to be part of this.

Meanwhile, the president-elect is getting some kind of team together. Democrats, Republicans, voters and non-voters are getting horrified at some names linked to or actually getting certain posts.

To cite Bernie Saunders: “told you so!”
A majority of you voted to be part of this.

Hard to believe, but this is just the beginning! Yesterday, I also heard a few names linked to top jobs and was truly horrified – and I am not even American! During the election campaign, people complained Hillary Clinton was too close to bankers?

What about DoT and his money-grabbing millionaires, billionaires, and other cronies? Did you who voted the DoT in, not bother to think about favours, rewards, kick-backs this president-elect might hand out and to whom? Honestly?

But hey: this is democracy.
A majority of you voted to be part of Trump-land.

Some of the names now mentioned got rich through dubious financial transactions and financial tampering, or outright fraud. Some have extremely close links with bankers, plenty with extremist views or extremist political groups.

There are plenty books available on DoT and the names now linked to top jobs. There is plenty well-researched and fact-underpinned information available on DoT and his dubious dealings on the internet. Did nobody bother to read up? Did none of your pro-DoT voters use your brains; think what DoT as president might mean?

Wise up now, get real.
A majority of you voted to be part of and live in Trump-land.

How come that it was so easy for me and others to read up on and grasp DoT was (and remains) a serious risk and real danger as president? Even well before Democrats started to hint at things.

Now Dot is surrounded by a team of his buddies on key positions. They have a majority in the Senate. They have a majority in the House.

You had better face up to this:
A majority of US voters preferred to be part of Trump-land.

Media and journalists, so-called experts, business leaders, politicians the world over, who were dead against DoT are now suddenly forced to do U-turns left, right, on the radio, on television, on social media. The slogans now ring: “the guy has talents”, “he is a business leader” (though some add he went bust about five times), “he has been elected by a majority in a non-rigged election”.

It is nauseating. Especially, when listening to such U-turners pointing out there are “safety valves” or “laws” or whatever measures to curb DoTtie.
Similar excuses and opinions were rife, when Hitler came to power. What promises did he and his party give to unemployed Germans and groups in Germany who felt “unheard”. Have you forgotten Hitler and his buddies and cronies were ridiculed, not taken seriously – at first?

And what about this US election. Was it really democratic; not rigged?
There is the meddling by Russia and the ties between Putin and DoT. Putin is probably still having a hang-over from the champagne he drank on hearing the US election news. There is the odious behaviour of the FBI. There is all the focus on DoT the clown and not his criminal and illegal behaviour spanning decades. There are the people who ensured he got nominated Republican candidate. There is a lot more and worse.

Yet a majority voted DoT in.
This president-elect may blame the media for the present riots.
It is a majority of US voters, who are truly responsible for him getting where he is now.

Thank God he is NOT my president.
Thank God the US is not my country.
Thank God this is not my American Dream.
Too bad everybody in this world is part of this nightmare anyway.


About Kate

Multilingual arts & culture journalist, blogger, columnist, writer and translator. Contributor to international (news) media. 2014 winning columnist Gentse Schrijversdagen, Gand, Belgium.
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