It must be the longest hang-over. I’m still not over it. I’m sure the US election was rigged – against Clinton. Not just because of the weird behaviour of the FBI. It’s all those voting in favour of sexist, discriminating, insulting, insane, racist, ranting DoT.

But perhaps I ought to imitated some European journalists right now.

Quite a few admitted going over whatever they wrote during the US election campaign. They are checking if and how they may have insulted or upset DoT. As a few explained on radio and elsewhere: “One should not help the Inquisition.”

Even before he’s officially sworn in, this is the effect DoT has. Bye, bye free press.
So who’s next. Who is going to cave in and give in next?

The world over, one witnesses the weirdest and unbelievable U-turns taking place. Even tough such U-turns should never ever take place, when facing bullies like a DoT.

Other journalists simper the Americans simply do not like dynasties like the Clintons, or the Obamas. It says a lot about present-day journalism to come up with this. So Americans do not like the Kennedys? Since when have we witnessed a Clinton dynasty, or an Obama one?

Nearly a week after the disastrous US election results, I’m still upset. I’m also extremely disgusted and very angry. I simply can not understand how anybody in their right mind could have voted for something as horrid as Donald Trump.
Were these voters comatose, zombies, brainless?

Not that I’m just upset with such US voters. What about some of the jerks applauding the US election results? Wednesday evening, my neighbours were having a celebration party.

Just so you know: they claim to belong to a Christian sect which migrated to the US in the 17th century and then branched out to Europe again. This sect claims to support total pacifism, equality between men and women, respect for all, a sincere believe this earth needs to be saved, as a few of its core values – or so I was told.

Yet these suckers were having a celebration party with over fifty fellow-believers, shouting “the US needs a Republican President like Donald Trump!”. That on the evening the US election results had been confirmed in Europe.

Just how DoT’s “values”, opinions. believes, behaviour and worse, square with even the most watered-down version of a Christian message, escapes me. How does his stance on weapons square with pacifism? How do his raves and rants on practically any subject, square with respect? How do his remarks and behaviour inside cubicles or out in public, square with equality for women and respect for majorities and minorities? I don’t even want to bring up his views on climate change versus “this earth, the environment needs to be saved!”

Fortunately, I do not need to square it all with my values or believes.

Not that my Christian neighbours are unique. A great many so-called Christian European parties and politicians were elated with last Wednesday’s results. They said on radio, television and in the papers, they are elated with DoT as president-elect. They are jubilant DoT will soon replace Barak Obama.

Beg your pardon, but I simply do not dig this.
This is simply totally beyond me.

Never realised there still existed such people – after all WWII taught the world, at a great cost of lives.

While the neighbours were celebrating, I witnessed a Belgian television discussion. One of the panel was a figurehead of a Belgian extremist right-wing party. His fanatical speeches to every question horrified me. When asked, he promised his party would win the next elections or at least be a major voice, no group nor politicians could ignore.

Unlike some, I do believe we may well see the era arrive of Geert Wilders, Nigel Farrange, Marine Le Pen, and similar horrors in charge. In far too many EU states where elections are looming, such people are leading the polls. Yes, polls are not to be trusted after the Brexit and the US Election, the average media ones, that is. But imagine a world where the US is controlled by DoT and a majority of European countries by similar extremists.

I do not believe measures will contain or control such politicians. For should not common sense or political, legal, democratic whatever measures have ensured, something like a DoT would never have come even close to being nominated presidential candidate? Rebecca Solnit is probably right – and not just about the US.

The next test-case will take place on the 4th of December. Irregularities during Austria’s May 2016 election ensured a re-run takes place on this date. Norbert Hofer, like DoT a right-wing and anti-immigration politician, will now probably manage to end up as Austria’s new head of state.

Some journalists like Toby Helm claim “the political establishment fears” the upcoming series of elections in Europe. It is not just the political establishment. Anybody with some decency and common sense, should fear the results of the next series of elections in Europe. For far too many European member-state governments have already swung to the right-wing corner shared by the likes of DoT, Nigel Farrange, Geert Wilders, Marine Le Pen, and similar populist politicians.

One can only witness recent and coming events with a mix of shame, anger, disgust and horror. Oh: and vote against candidates like DoT and similar candidates who promise change but will only bring the kind of change which will not help this world become a better place to live in.

Toby Helm: Marine Le Pen, Beppe Grillo, Geert Wilders, Frauke Petry
Rebecca Solnit: Don’t call Clinton a weak candidate



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