Perpetrator withdraws signature

Surprise, surprise! Well – another surprise if you thought it was the US president-elect. It’s his buddy Putin – again.

Putin – and with him Russia – has withdrawn its signature from the ICC stature. The Russian flimsiest of excuse is, that the ICC “does not live up to” Russian expectations. You’d nearly agree, if the viewpoint was the ICC does not convict perpetrators of crimes fast enough, or does not convict enough such perpetrators.

The withdrawal comes within 24 hours after the ICC published a report which is critical of Russia and its annexation of the Crimea, calling it an (illegal) occupation – or annexation. Of course, Russia had a mere 20 years or so,  to decide on the question of the ICC’s living up to whatever the Russian government was expecting it to be – and behave. So it’s the ICC daring to call Russia’s invasion an occupation which triggered this withdrawal.

Russia – or tather Putin & co’s problem is of course, that in his and his cronies case the list of crimes is growing enormously and extremely fast. Such crimes especially include what ordinary people consider to be war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Not much of a chance now, to drag Putin & co in front of an international court of justice for shooting down a civilian airplaine full of innocent passengers.

The Russian foreign ministry made the announcement on the orders of President Vladimir Putin “… saying the tribunal had failed to live up to hopes of the international community …” Now that is totally right: we were hoping Mr Putin would grace the ICC and tribunal with a visit to do some explaining but certain cases of gross inconduct, but can imagine he’d rather not.

One now wonders how long it will take for the Trump, his government, his family, to decide “out is out” might be a pretty clever decision.

Guardian “Russia withdraws signature”


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