Fairly foolish

These days, I tend not to watch CNN. Far too much attention is spent on the Lump. For people like me who are fairly allergic to people like him, it triggers too many reactions.

There are plenty alternatives. An astonishing amount of hours can be devoted to reading books, magazines, papers. There are also a great many television stations available. This is the good thing about living in a country where freedom of opinion, information, of the press, still mean something.

So there I was, ready to start my dinner with the telly on. The Belgian Flemish Canvas television station was on. What I had not banked on, was its Terzake television program becoming mightily interesting and as entertaining as CNN used to be during the US election run-up.

Sure enough, the subject was the Lump. Time had just chosen him personality of the year 2016. After surviving Bob Dylan being awarded a nobel prize – and not answering his phone for weeks on end – such stupid actions hardly raise any of my eyebrows.

What did raise one, was the Belgian program showing a short film as a warm-up to what was to come. The film showed some US bright-light gushing the Lump got the prize for accomplishing more in four weeks as US President, than Obama in four years.

So who is US President right now? What is the current title of the Lump right now? Like the rest of the world, I am aware the Lump swears a lot, but as far as I know, he hasn’t been sworn in yet.

The blond got one thing right though: the US President should have been nominated person of 2016. But hey: I don’t argue with people and Time, bent on showing off their stupidity to the rest of us.

After this warm-up, the interview started. The interviewee was a former US ambassador to Belgium, Mr Gutman. He and the interviewer chatted amiably in English.

Unfortunately, this interview has been removed from the Canvas website, or I’d have included a link for you. I got the message “no longer available” and couldn’t find it on YouTube either. Anybody into conspiracy theories might presume the Lump and his team leaned on Belgium – but as he’s got a problem locating Brussels, I suspect they leaned elsewhere.

The first few minutes into the interview, my eyes grew wider and wider. The interview caused me to forget to tuck into my enticing plate of Choucroute Garni. It was great fun – the interview.

The interviewee stated he is totally content and satisfied with the Lump being elected – president, not cover-of-Time-bimbo. He did admit his wife is scared stiff, like most of us. No, the interviewee is not scared of the foolish Lump. He is scared stiff of the people the Lump promoted to various governmental jobs.

The interviewee continued ensuring and repeatedly stressing, he’s quite happy with such a foolish person as President Elect – soon to become US President. According to him (and apparently he’s not the only one), the US is better off with a fairly foolish and stupid businessman. Foolish and stupid being the words the former US ambassador used repeatedly and not my choices.

The interviewer added to the fun by citing recent Twitter messages and other disruptive actions from the Lump. These included tearing up nuclear agreements, chatting up Taiwan (though it was as taken aback by this as China), opinions on climate change – you get the idea. The interviewee had no problems with these, but did wonder how such opinions and ideas would work out with so many people being chosen to various governmental jobs, who held opposing opinions and ideas.

The best part came at the end, of course. The interviewee told  the interviewer, he expected trouble to really start once the Lump was removed. The interviewer, I, plenty other viewers watching this interview blinked.

Undeterred, the interviewee clarified his statement. He was certain the Lump would continue to insult people, trample rights and laws, carry on as he had done during the past months. It would likely lead to an impeachment, indited, removal from power. Then people the Lump had nominated, would move into power and that was going to be bad news for the rest of the world.

As the interviewer could not believe her ears, the interviewee repeated what he’d said. He added he was a lawyer with plenty legal and political experience. He was confident, what he had just predicted would happen sooner or later. It was just a matter of time

Looking at my cold dinner, I tried to digest what I had just seen and heard. I don’t think I’ve ever before witnessed a former official of any country give such an interview.

Unfortunately, I fear Howard Gutman is right. The only thing I disagreed with, was his description of the current President Elect. That man may be foolish, he may be stupid, he may be worse – but after having gone bust several times and caught swindling, how can Donald Trump be dubbed successful businessman?


About Kate

Multilingual arts & culture journalist, blogger, columnist, writer and translator. Contributor to international (news) media. 2014 winning columnist Gentse Schrijversdagen, Gand, Belgium.
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