Ethics is not their business

With a President Elect, who’s got plenty to hide, Tuesday’s vote comes as no surprise. The Republican Party, so hell-bent on thwarting President Obama’s policies and politics, is now hell-bent on ensuring nothing similar happens to Trump and his cronies. The independent OCE is just one of the first casualties in a list which will undoubtedly grow.

As the UK Guardian explained on its website yesterday, the new Office of Congressional Complaint Review is not only subordinate to the Republican controlled House Ethics Committee. It will also be no longer possible to file anonymous complaints. It will also no longer be possible for the public to become acquainted with any findings.

Such a move “… when president-elect Trump is attempting to fend off scrutiny over multiple conflicts of interests questions arising from his bid to keep his business empire in his family’s hands even after he takes office on 20 January. …” is a dire warning of things in store for Americans.

Sure, some Democrats and Republicans actually raised the issue and stated that the vote returned “… the House to dark days when ethics violations were rampant and far too often tolerated. …” Or as Nancy Pelosi put it diplomatically: “… Evidently, ethics are the first casualty of the new Republican Congress.” But there was no mass protest in the streets.

The Republican antics are hardly surprising. Anybody stupid enough to get Trump elected as party representative and to vote Trump into office, willingly closed their eyes to what the man stood and stands for. Ethics never was part of the guy’s image and attitude; bullying, bribing, corruption, scandals and worse, were and will be.

As for handing over control of his businesses to family members: the situation won’t differ from say a Robert Maxwell or a Rupert Murdoch. Anybody believing differently is closing his or her eyes to reality – again. The only difference will be that Robert Maxwell and Rupert Murdoch did not rule the US, as well as their business empires – though they pulled plenty strings.


Guardian’s Julian Borger: Republicans vote to dismantle independent ethics body


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