No worry: it’s not his own money

It’s not just that a recent claim about saving jobs and a factory proved to be nonsense. A claim he donated his own money towards a charitable cause proved to be a fantasy too. His Trump Foundation may also not be contributing as much towards charitable causes, as it is claimed to be.

… He was giving away money. Arnold and Tim, whom he had called to the stage, were from a local veterans group. Although their big cheque had Trump’s name on it, it wasn’t actually Trump’s money. Instead, the cash had been raised from other donors a few days earlier …” as David A. Fahrenthold reports on the UK Independent website.

Trump will probably get away with this mingling of “charity”, politics, influencing of how folks voted. Sure, there exist US government bodies which should investigate such incidents, but as the UK Independent’s article makes clear: “… if the IRS did investigate, it probably wouldn’t start until the Trump Foundation filed its paperwork for 2016. Which wouldn’t be until late 2017. Then an agent would open a case. There went 2018. Finally, Owens said, the IRS might take action: it might even take away the Trump Foundation’s tax-exempt status. In 2019. …

When Washington Post’s Fahrenthold tries to find out how the money raised for veterans was spent. “… Corey Lewandowski, then Trump’s campaign manager, told me in late May. “Mr Trump’s money is fully spent.” But, he told me, the details of Trump’s $1m in gifts were secret. He wouldn’t say which groups Trump had donated to. Or when. Or in what amounts. … That meant that when Lewandowski said Trump’s money was “fully spent”, it was actually still in Trump’s pocket. … Turns out, it had been sitting in the Trump Foundation, unspent.”

Think this is bad? Scroll down and read the complete article. Things are worse – but most journalists did not bother to spend a couple of hours to try and find out how awful.

Cases of Trump or his wife using their charity’s money to invest in art to doll op their properties, are difficult to proof. Nevertheless, something odd turned up after some investigating. A trail led to a discovery affirmed by a Trump spokesperson that certain companies are “…  actually doing the foundation a favour, by storing its art free of charge.” Such remarks seem to amuse tax experts and auditors, but chances things will be seriously investigated remain slim.

Not that Trump stops at spending other people’s money. Apparently, he’s not even above using other charities to ensure he receives media coverage and Brownie-points, without spending any money. “… Trump, who had never donated to the charity, stole a seat onstage that had been saved for a big contributor. … then left without giving a dime.

Despite the threats to himself and his family, Fahrenthold ensures readers he will not stop delving into Trump’s past – and present. The Independent article concludes with the promise to “… seek to cover Trump the president with the same vigour as I scrutinised Trump the candidate.” It may be interesting to keep an eye on what the Washington Post continues to publish on the soon-to-be US President and his charitable behaviour. Too bad, all this was not uncovered long before Trump was nominated as the Republicans’ candidate.

Independent, David A. Fahrenthold “Investigating Trump”


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