You must be joking – a clone?

The headlines include plenty bad news. One can choose among “Outrage as Trump hands son-in-law key role”, Fiat stating “Trump had nothing to do with our new US jobs”, and worse.

At the moment, the worst must be the news a Trump-clone will be launched on the political scene. As if the original is not awful enough.

The good news, provided you are living in the US: the clone will not explode on your political scene. You remain stuck with the original item.

No, the clone will be launched in the UK.
According to UK media, the clone will not be called DoT II, nor Dolly II.
The clone is called Jeremy Corbyn II.

With Labour’s popularity at a low, its leader has decided to reinvent himself, aping the one and only Donald Trump. I suspect this is what’s meant by shock tactics.

On reading the Independent headline “Jeremy Corbyn to copy Donald Trump”, my first thought was “You must be joking!”

Not so. Other UK papers had similar headlines. Take the Telegraph which mentions a “leadership reboot”. Part of this reboot apparently includes Corbyn joining a strike picket line. Parts of the UK are having problems with public transport, so Corbyn will join the fray.

One wonders if this is wise. After all, there was the recent public transport incident involving Jeremy Corbyn and his false claim about “no seats available on my train“. Followed by plenty similarily entertaining events, in which he already had a go at carbon copying DoT.

Something must have gone wrong with the cloning, aping, rebooting, reinventing though. For when did DoT ever join picket lines? Probably a small hitch in the proces.

DoT had ideas about exiting NATO, other important organizations, getting out of agreements, and what not. Now clone Corbyn and his club reveal a “controversial case for Brexit”, according to the UK Independent. So here, the clone and team seem to be on track.

According to Ben Kentish of the Independent “… Mr Corbyn’s team will seek to portray him as an anti-establishment figure in the hope of riding a wave of populist sentiment that has rolled across the west in the recent years. … Marine Le Pen, the leader of the far-right French Front National, is expected to do well in this year’s presidential election, as is left-wing populist Jean-Luc Melenchon. In Italy, comedian Beppe Grillo’s populist message has catapulted him onto the political stage. Labour hopes Mr Corbyn will be next in line for success.

So the UK will have a DoT clone, in charge of its Labour Party, using DoT tactics to try to emulate DoT and the likes of Marine le Pen, Beppe Grillo and similar horrors. Just to gain votes, mind. Once Labour wins an election using these tactics, matters will be completely different of course, despite slogans like straight talking and honest politics.


UK Telegraph: “Jeremy Corbyn ridiculed”
UK Independent “Jeremy Corbyn to copy Donald Trump”


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