Mix up

Don’t know about you, but I’m a bit mixed up. Fortunately, someone else was too. In fact, that person’s mix up, mixed me up a bit.

That person, who’s not and never will become my president, was so mixed up, he twittered to a person who never was nor ever will be his daughter. The twit thought she was, but she ain’t. She put matters right – the person who was not, is not, never will be his daughter, I mean. She knows about climate change – he doesn’t.

Some folks think she should’ve been more polite. But in this case, with that person – the person who never will be my president – only a very blunt answer will do. The person who never will be her president either and was not, is not, never will be her father – is rather thick.

This no-false-news story did not tell, if that person who is not and never will be my president, apologized to the woman who never was and never will be his daughter. (Not his style, so probably not).

The content of the twit’s tweet tweeted to the person who never was, nor will be his daughter, was made available to all of us – by the media the twit does not like nor love. I’m all for sharing such events.

There seem to be many people sharing the name of one of the daughters of the person who never will be my president. The name of one of the real daughters of the twit, I mean. So plenty in line for another this-is-no-fake-news tweet.

If you’re getting confused, try drawing things.
Lines, symbols and doodling are supposed to clarify family relations and family trees.

By the way: as a couple of folks noticed and broadcasted on websites, the person who is not and never will be the daughter of the person who will not be my president, was probably asleep. What with the time-differences between the US and UK. So that misdirected tweet came close to unsolicited and unwelcome attention seeking by that person who will never be her nor my president. It’s not stalking yet, but one never knows what might happen.

I’m still a bit mixed up, though. Doesn’t the person who is not and never will be my president know who is whom? I mean: that he hasn’t the foggiest idea where Brussels or some countries are located –  fine by me.

A part of that person’s voters are on record believing the earth is flat. The rest of us are aware earth is round. So: the person who never will be my president steps out of his tower? That person who will never be my president is unlikely to get lost. Provided he can walk in a straight line. Ultimately, a while later, he kind of might turn up in front of his tower. Though most of us would prefer him to get and remain lost.

What I don’t understand is, how with just three wives and an unknown number of short and longer term relationships according to some dodgy security report, that person who is not going to be my president apparently has no clue who is, or is not his daughter. I mean: it’s not like he’s Bach snr and has to keep twenty-something kids apart.

Yet there he was: groping in the dark about whom he tweets.

Golly … that’s going to be the next US President?
What’s that twit going to tweet next to say Angela Merkel, Theresa May, any of the other power women he simply is unable to deal with? Imagine him mixing up Angela with Nicola or Theresa –  and any other combination of female leaders.
Worse: before we know it, he’s gonna tweet indecent proposals to Xi Jinping, Vlad, Kim, whomever … late at night,  early morning, during lunch …

One thing’s certain: I sure am mighty glad that mixed-up twit is not going to be and never will be my president come Friday … for four long, long years!

Telegraph (and plenty other media across the world)  Trump tweets wrong Yvanka



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Multilingual arts & culture journalist, blogger, columnist, writer and translator. Contributor to international (news) media. 2014 winning columnist Gentse Schrijversdagen, Gand, Belgium.
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