Hit the ground

The other twit, whose name seems to be Penny, got a slot of time on CNN yesterday. He claimed his boss is “gonna hit the ground running”. Great! How big will the crater be, when the Dump hits the ground?  Probably not deep enough.

What nearly killed me laughing, was the complete sentence. It boiled down to hit the ground running per Monday. Wow: a set of OAPs pretending to be action men. Fortunately, plenty media stick to reality and continue to report, the “hit the ground running” is an unlikely scenario.

With a CNN journalist increasing pressure – now that was a delight to watch – the farthing spluttered his boss was sharing a stunning amount of “great ideas”. Great to hear the person who can’t distinguish between his daughter and a person living in Bristol is having ideas. Great to hear, the swirl of ideas are being shared with all his cronies promoted to office, power and his dear friends and supporters in Congress, the Senate, wherever.

The United States of America are too great a country with too great a people, to have to settle with something like a Dump and his “team” in charge. If the Dump & company are going to hit the ground running, one hopes they will keep running – into oblivion. Ah well: in for a penny, in for a pound.

First thing I’m gonna ask Saturday morning and all the mornings after:”Hey, is the Dump impeached yet? Has he gone AWOL already? How many days to the next election?”

Well, one needs hope. Too bad the Dump’s four years are unlikely to become a more successful version of  “Throw Momma from the train”.
CNN: interview with Pence



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