Super galls!

Proud of you all, the world over, who walked and protested, yesterday! Thank you all for protesting – and not just for women’s rights.

Oh, forgot. Promised my first questions each morning would be: “Is he impeached yet? Did he go AWOL? Did he run for a sink hole yet?”  No, the guy went to church, though he never struck me as some truly religious guy – what with his kind of language. Probably went to ask forgiveness for all his sins; the ones we know about, the ones we suspect, the ones he continues to sit on.

But to return to the protest: thank you for your speech, senator Harris from California. I only saw what CNN deemed worthy of broadcasting. Plenty media concentrated on the protests taking place in the U.S. But of course, there were protests against the Dump in other places. Great to see so many guys in the crowds too, like London’s mayor.

Pussy Riot may not have been invited to the Dump’s inauguration party, the protests throughout the U.S and elsewhere made it clear, women fight for their rights. In London, one placard was clear “These pussies fight like tomcats!” So keep on fighting ladies: Women’s Rights are Human Rights and Human Rights are Women Rights!

The Dumps reaction, so far? The kind of reaction a kid will give you: “Nah, nah! The group who supports me is bigger.” Just you make sure Mr U.S.P: keep your hands off our bodies and our rights!

While we’re at it: how about showing us your tax forms, your earnings, your bank accounts, your wealth and account for any penny you grabbed off people duping them with your so-called university? How dare you claim you don’t belong to the establishment, you are not part of the problem, you are all for transparency and accountability?

You are in “power” less than 24 hours and there are already protests, boo’s, even supporters who regret having been the means to get you into power. You have insulted your army, intelligence services, neighbouring and more distant countries. You have alienated a large part of your own people, as well as insulted many women the world over.

Come on super galls, keep watching this guy, his cronies, their families and stand up for the rights previous presidents gave you! As was clear from the reactions of family members of those who are part of the Dump’s Administration, it is not just the Dump you are fighting, but the people he appointed, his cronies, his supporters – and their families! So keep the pressure up and protect your rights – even if it should take four long, dark years!

Guardian: Trump’s first 24 hours – protests

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