It’s not just Trump

It’s not jut Trump, who has odd ideas about Women’s and Human Rights. Theresa May’s government managed to use Trump’s inauguration and protests against him, to hide it continues with controversial plans damaging women’s rights in the UK – according to the UK Independent.

Former Chancellor George Osborne, who recently joined asset management firm Black Rock, was the first to propose the so-called “rape clause”. Theresa May’s government is now taking steps to ensure women “… whose third child results from a rape will have to prove …“the child is a result of a rape, “… if they want to receive tax credits for a third or subsequent child”.

One is aware this present UK government is out of touch regarding the results of a hard Brexit with lack of planning. One is aware, this UK government thinks a deal with Trump’s US is a blessing. One wonders how Victorian – or prehistoric – a UK government can be, coming up with such an insult to rape victims. Why has this insult to women not sparked widespread marches in London and elsewhere in the UK?

Independent: Trump inauguration used to sneak out controversial ‘rape clause’
Independent: Former Chancellor joins same firm as his former economic adviser





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