Wikileaks turnaround

Wikileaks should never have been daft enough to support the Dump. According to several media, Wiki is now hoping someone will leak the Dump & Co’s tax and other papers the Dump & co are sitting on. Well, better late than never.

“… will not release his tax returns even after repeated promises to do so following a supposed audit, one of his senior advisers said on Sunday – confirming that the president will break a 40-year tradition and not show Americans the extent of his financial interests and obligations …” according to Alan Yunas’ article for the Guardian. Other news sites are running similar headlines.

…has refused to divest or set up a blind trust, instead saying without evidence that he has handed control of his companies to his two adult sons. Ethics attorneys have repeatedly said Trump has not taken effective steps to prevent conflicts of interest.

Get serious: the only money the guy prefers to spend – as shown during his election campaign – is other people’s. Anybody thinking the guy would reveal anything about his true wealth, tax avoidance schemes, any tax he paid is a dumbo. People believing the guy would allow others direct his business empire are beyond help. If even I can point out the guy & co are a cross between the Bushes, the Murdochs, the Maxwells and related items.

To return to Wiki: better late than never one guesses. Though it would have been nicer if they had taken the trouble to advertise for leaks while the election campaign was still happening. At least, that would have given the world a more balanced insight.

With the Dump now in control, does Wiki really believe there are people  out there,  willing to become another Manning, Assange, Snowden?

In the meantime, it was revolting to see how some media are already kowtowing with the present US administration. Yeah: facts need to be checked. But couldn’t you have done a bit more fact-checking before the world got stuck with this president and his team? We are in for four long years of “alternative facts”, thanks to bad investigative journalism, so thanks a lot.

(Oh forgot: I should’ve started asking you if the guy’s impeached yet, gone AWOL, hiding in the crater caused by him hitting the ground running as the Dump’s penny promised, last week.)

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