Alternative facts 2

Just for a laugh: THAT guy claims the chaos and protests in his country are caused by computer glitches!
How’s that for alternative facts – sorry: outrageous lies?

So what does he make of

    • the more than a million people signing the UK petition;
    • politicians following in the footsteps of the rest of us and now also loudly condemning the outrageous Muslim-ban;

protests having taken place, taking place, being planned – not just against the ban but against this US president;

To list just a few hot news items. New sites have to close down comment sites, because many reactions to and reports on the latest US government’s acts ensure there are thousands of comments lodged within less than four hours per article.

But as Trevor Timm of the Guardian reported: the protests and outrage ensure a lot of other bad news fails to grab the world’s attention:

Trump’s unconstitutional executive order banning all refugees and all travellers from seven Muslim-majority countries – including those with valid visas. But somewhat lost in that news was Bannon’s central role in the controversy and move to consolidate even more power within the government.

On Saturday, Trump installed him on the influential National Security Council (NSC) as part of a radical re-shuffling of the influential White House board of advisers that usually is composed of intelligence and military officials who provide the White House with guidance.

The Joint Chiefs of Staff and the director of national intelligence were removed from the NSC. … DHS lawyers reportedly determined that it did not apply to green card holders and permanent residents, but the White House – led by Steve Bannon – overruled that objection and kept the restrictions on green card holders in place … If the White House is, in fact, directing DHS and CBP to violate a crystal clear court order, the rule of law has completely broken down …”

I will never forget the misplaced shame – not being an US citizen or expat – of watching an Iranian family, on their way to legally settle in the US, returning at an Iranian airport because they could not travel from Cairo to their US destination. What will happen to them, as I presume they did not want to migrate out of sheer fun. What will happen to all the people illegally detained in the US, illegally turned back from entering it?

Can THAT man, his cronies, his government, his supporters with their distortions of the truth, outright lies, blatant discrimination, and worse  be impeached yet?

It’s not just their nasty world view and behaviour. Their attitude fosters and condones events like today in Canada. How can such people be allowed to claim they are making the US great? As stated in a previous post: the US is not going to be great again, it is disappearing  through the drain into a very large sink hole.

Guardian Trevor Timm: constitutional crisis



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