“You’re Fired!”

To the Humpty Dumpties still sitting on the wall, bleating “let’s wait and see”: what are you waiting for? Don’t you see? Things will not get any better. If you believe differently, you’re in gross denial!

You can’t remain sitting on your wall, washing your hands like a certain Roman. Each new day, Trump and his cronies are showing their true colours. They are showing who and what they really are.

As some people interviewed on CNN explained. this president is not familiar with facts, legal procedures and the rest! As was recently made clear: this president is not interested in facts , the truth, reality. He, Bannon, Pence – the rest – they are not interested in America, its Constitution, nor in proper legal procedures, decency, human rights and the rest that the world once believed the USA stood for.

Ms Yates showed the proper stance to take against the bullies, the real terrorists, the present true axis of evil: “I am responsible for ensuring that the positions we take in court remain consistent with the institution’s solemn obligation to always seek justice and stand for what’s right. … At the present, I am not convinced that the defence of the executive order is consistent with these responsibilities, nor am I convinced that the executive order is lawful.

She now stands accused of betrayal. She is dubbed a traitor!

Wake up America! Your highest ranking Senate-approved Justice Department lawyer who was the only person with the authority to approve international surveillance warrants, who swore to serve president and constitution was forced to choose between serving this dictator and his cronies, or the US Constitution and country. She stood up, dared take a stance – to defend proper legal proceedings, the constitutions, legal rights, justice.

Where is America heading off to?

While silly Sean Spencer, Scott Taylor, the “alternative-facts” Fluff and other Trump dregs are defending Trump’s agenda, at least someone dared stand up and refuse to tow their line! Not to challenge Trump’s acts, views, opinions, ideas (if he has any ideas, for he has been caught parroting one of the power behind his chair: Barron). No, she dared question and refuse to do as ordered – so got fired. So Humpty Dumpties: which side of the wall are you on? You simply can’t remain sitting on your fence!

One journalist who lived in Russia for years interviewed on Dutch television stated this “You’re Fired!” show smacks of Kremlin politics and attitudes. Another who lived in South Africa stated, the past few days of watching Trump in power, reminded him of South Africa and its Apartheid regimes.

Another one, who lived in the US for decades, wondered aloud if Trump was going to revive tests like putting a pencil on someone’s hair. If it falls out you’re African and unwanted, else you are Caucasian and have passed the first in a series of tests and screening points to see if you qualify to live in the USA. Of course the vetting, the screening, the testing will no longer take a mere two years under the present USA government, for that is far too short to determine if you are loony enough to want to migrate and fit into Trump’s gaga-land.

Though Ms Yates was sacked in this latest Trump “You’re Fired!” show, others are taking legal steps to take the present US government to court. “At the end of the day, either you’re abiding by the Constitution or you are not. And in our view, the President is not adhering to the Constitution when it comes to this executive action,” Washington State’s Attorney General Bob Ferguson told journalists at a news conference. Back them!

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