Brexit bill may run into billions

Britain’s ex-EU ambassador suspects the costs of the UK’s exit from the EU may well cost the country over 40 billion Euro.

As most know, the extremely experienced and respected Sir Rogers resigned out of sheer  exasperation with Theresa May’s government. Yesterday, he appeared before the British European Scrutiny Committee.

During his interview, the absolute chaos which resulted after and continued long after the Brexit result, was partly revealed. It seems “muddled” is a diplomatic euphemism for the real state of affairs in Theresa May (by many bloggers dubbed Mayhem)’s government, as well as in Whitehall, since the Brexit result.

He not only gave a possible first estimate of the real costs Britain will have to face. He also hinted at a lack of really experienced, multilateral negotiators. This problem, as well as a serious shortage in the right kind of lawyers, has been hinted at by various of my European friends as well. The UK government and its officials are not best equipped to cope with their Brexit.

The problem may also put the UK at a disadvantage during any deals May and her government intend to make with the volatile and extremely untrustworthy Mr Trump and his government. After all: any deals struck with the current President of the USA, can be shredded by him within less than 24 hours – as he so aptly insists on illustrating since he has been inaugurated.

Independent Joe Watts: “diplomat said he believed the EU would hit the UK with a bill likely to be up to 60 billion euros”


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