Can he be hauled in yet?

With more and more details being revealed about the Yemen raid, one wonders.

Can Trump, his son-in-law Jared Kushner, Stephen Bannon and a few others be hauled in front of a court yet? Can they be accused of war crimes already?

Or do we have to wait for more body-bags to be sent back to the US?
Not to count civilian “collateral damage”, like women and kids?

What with him reportedly threatening to send troops to Mexico, if Mexico does not “clean up” its migration problem. Or with Steve Bannon reportedly threatening the USA will go to war with China? Even before Bannon was kicked into a front-seat far too close to presidential power.

Are the civilians killed in the Yemen attack enough, to get Trump and his cronies convicted for war crimes? At least, it might mean the world can rid itself from a couple of highly dangerous people who are a threat to peace and prosperity.

Guardian: Steve Bannon “‘We’re going to war”
Guardian: Yemen Raid





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