Conway accuses media

Turning up dressed like a woman, Kellyanne Conway used an interview to accuse the media. The senior fake-facts advisor took issue with the media again. This time, the media stand accused of not reporting a non-existing, never-happened, totally fib-of-her-own-making massacre.

The fantasy massacre – which according to some other bloggers took place well before Star Wars episode zero – was carried out by two Muslim terrorists, according to the highly inventive Ms senior advisor Conway (brilliant surname).

According to this senior advisor to the current US president, former president Obama sat on this never-happened-massacre. The media failed to uncover this terrorist attack (bit difficult to uncover events which never took place) and failed to make the fake-news massacre headline news. I, for one, am happy the media are doing a great job!

All these Trump-government lies, just to back-up Mr Trump putting certain countries on a black-list and to support his government’s decision to ban Muslims from entering the USA.

How deep is the USA willing to sink? Into another universe? Disney could have come up with a better plot and an undoubtedly politically correct blockbuster animation. One wonders angrily: what next, with this US government?

Dear Ms Conway: what are you earning as senior advisor to this US president?
We, the rest of the world, can do your job a million times better.

Oh, for the non-feminist “real” women and fashionistas: Ms Conway seems to have gone into this interview wearing a double-breasted red flimsy, dressed like a “real woman” while having that certain “female” look – though it remains uncertain if she was wearing the Trump-favoured nude heels.

Independent: Kellyanne Conway invents



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