Dress code directive

“No, please no, please no – Mr Trump!” Just imagine him taking a leaf from his own dress code directives and turn up wearing a kilt …So far, we’ve been spared this agony, though others of his ilk seem to like dressing up in Tartans. That’s probably due to the family having turned a Scottish nature reserve into a golf course, a while ago.

This time, it’s not him bawling out the Australian PM about dumb deals, or threatening the Mexican President with an invasion by US troops. Though as predicted, President Putin is no longer flavour of the day – at the moment. But with the current unpredictable US president, a falling-out with anybody is hardly surprising.

No: Dumb Deal Trump has managed to anger feminist yet again. He’s ordered his female staff must dress like women …
Why, one wonders. To facilitate groping?

According to the media, any female dealing with Dumb Trump needs to:

  • have a certain look (ample breast size, 38-36-38 inch size body, what?)
  • dress like a woman (perhaps copy Michelle Obama’s flair and style?)

Where his male staff gets away with just having to wear a tie (preferably a Trump-brand one) and having well-groomed hair. (Ah well: follow your leader and get a lawn mower.)

Well, of course male staff won’t run much of a risk getting groped by that man. Advice to female staff: it seems Trump favours double-breasted coats and nude heels. (Surprise, surprise.)

According to the UK Telegraph: “… the hashtag #DressLikeAWoman has started trending on Twitter, with thousands taking to the social media platform to offer alternative suggestions of what it really means to “dress like a woman”.  Female firefighters, soldiers, surgeons and have all shared photos of themselves at work, while many are also circulating shots of tennis star Serena Williams and Game Of Thrones warrior Brienne of Tarth in her armour.

Go for it girls! We haven’t had much girl-power for a while! Time to hash-trash this man! Just make sure you don’t order this phoney to dress like a true Scott!

UK Telegraph: Trump’s directive
NY Times: In Scotland Trump built a wall




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