A Good Job

While the Dumb Deal is congratulating himself on doing a good job economy-wise, the rest of the world knows one doesn’t turn a country’s economy around in fourteen days. It takes a long-term effort. So any compliments and praise for an improved US economy, should go to former President Obama, his team, his government, his America.

But the Dumb Deal needs to distract attention from the chaos he and his team and government have managed to create in their mere first two weeks in office.

Once the back-lash started against the Muslim Ban (what else can one call this ban), the stories about Mr Obama and other former Presidents’ bans erupted. Blaming Mr Obama and others was not enough. So to underpin the Bad Ban, the Bowling Green Massacre was created.

As some media pointed out: false facts are dished out whenever this Dumb Deal Administration gets into trouble, or receives bad headlines. So far, they have managed to create trouble, chaos, bad news coverage and worse, on a mere 24/7 scheme. So they crave fake facts to distract and hide cartloads of lies, embarrassing real facts, worse.

Meanwhile, the rest of the world witnessed more terrorist attacks: in Canada and France – if one forgets about what took place in Yemen. Did the Quebec and Paris terrorists originate from the seven countries on the Dumb Deal’s list? Did terrorists who carried out attacks in the US originate from the countries on the Dumb Deal’s list? Such facts do not interest this Dumb Deal government and its supporters. They have a serious problem with facts.

The Bowling Green Massacre fiction provoked Mrs Clinton’s daughter. She reacted with a tweet, to which the fake facts spinner replied Mrs Clinton’s daughter was provoked, “because you lost the election”.

If Fake-Fact-Con-away weren’t a lost cause, one would nearly tweet: “Dear Ms Conway, please stick to double-breasted suits and nude heels as facts are beyond you. Mrs Clinton’s daughter did not lose an election. PS: your government lost the popular vote – by the largest margin in US history.”

Meanwhile, the Dumb Deal received a national blow. Judge James Robart ensured the Bad Ban was suspended – at last. One wonders how long the judge will survive, after the Dumb Deal told acting attorney general Sally Yates: “You’re fired!”

A suspension is no repeal. Nevertheless, members of the Dumb Deal clique are outraged. They are screaming at the world they will not back down.

What about the people who really matter; the victims of this Bad Ban? The former Norwegian Prime Minister will probably not take legal steps against the Trump administration over his detention. After all, he was only detained for an hour or so, last Tuesday.

What about cancelled holidays, money lost on tickets or hotels, valid visas and other legal documents and procedures which some may have to pay for again, costs for being left stranded at airports, for having to fly back to a country where on has no home anymore because one was going to legally immigrate – and worse cases?

The likes of Trump may have enough money so it’s all peanuts to them. This is not the case for refugees, students, young backpackers, poor relations, sick people seeking cures in the US, ordinary families who planned a visit to Disneyland and similar victims. Will all these Trump victims be reimbursed for a Mad Bad Ban?

A simple “sorry, bad idea” is beyond Trump. Let alone financial compensations to legal visitors, legal immigrants, legal refugees who had every right to travel to the US.

While we’re talking travelling arrangements: who is paying for the US president’s travelling? Not his weekend trip to the Winter White House with entourage, staff, hangers-on, cronies, family members.

Trump’s wife decided to stay in New York, while he’s in the White House. Surely the spouses meet regularly, so that involves traveling and traveling means costs. Who is paying for the back and forth between Washington, New York, wherever whenever – in the Trump LAT marriage? Surely not the US taxpayers?



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Multilingual arts & culture journalist, contributor, feature writer, blogger, columnist and translator. Contributes to international (news) media. 2014 winning columnist Gentse Schrijversdagen, Ghent, Belgium.
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