Blame Game

So who’s responsible for the chaos? So who’s responsible for the near constitutional crisis? So who’s responsible for the legal-illegal, on-off, currently suspended Bad Ban? So who’s responsible for future terrorists attacks in the USA? Guess what: it ain’t the Dumb Deal!

According to guess whom?
The Dumb Deal of course! Need one ask!

Dumb Deal Trump holds his country’s legal system and Republican nominated judge Robart responsible for … future terrorist attacks on Ameican soil. Apparently even, when such terrorists could well be home-grown ones, whose leanings may have been inspired and cultivated by the Dumb Deal’s administration, or behaviour of himself and his cronies, as well as the Dumb Deal’s government and/or supporters. WOW!

Just when one presumes, things in the US can not possibly get any dumber.

Fox News – what else – gave the Penny room to claim he did not think the attacks on the judge (lambasted by Penny’s boss as a “so-called judge” who issued a “ridiculous” ruling) show, the current US president and his government are clueless regarding constitutional separation of powers, their own judicial system, and a great many other items.

Which of course, comes as no surprise from an administration which head can’t count and recently mixed up 1,250 refugees with thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands of migrants.

In the countries I’ve lived in, or am living in, the Dumb Deal would have been in front of a judge by now. Not because he can’t count, favours alternative facts and fake news, has been caught lying through what may not be his own teeth, raves, rants, insults and worse.

No: groups of citizens would have been well on their way to get him legally convicted for stirring up hatred and for discriminating against, as well as insulting, various groups which make up these countries’ population. Such legal cases would have been more successful, than the Dumb Deal’s executive order has been – so far.

Apparently, the USA does not offer its population the same legal protection or possibilities. Its president can get away with insulting the country’s legal system and its members, its constitution, whatever and whoever, with impunity.

Ah well: at least Americans know who to blame in future if a bomb goes off. It’s their judicial system, their courts, their judges, their attorney generals, whatever and whoever – but it certainly ain’t Trump.

How’s that for a superbowl blame game result?

UK Telegraph: ‘Blame judge and courts if America is attacked’ – president hits out


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