It’s no incident!

Oh dear! It turns out it was no incident! There are actually several massacres the press simply did not cover! Massacres like the Bowling Green one!

Because the press is doing its job, we missed two more fictitious massacres. They were made up by you-know-who, who loves alternative facts!

Oh golly! How dares the press, the media do this to us!
Fortunately, they put matters right Monday late!

After alternative and real fact checking, the media now report that one Kellyanne Conway has not fabricated one, but about three massacres which did not get any press coverage as they never happened.

Oh – and something else … The White House put out a list of victims of terrorist attacks?

After checking the facts and alternative facts, the only conclusion must be, that most of the victims of terrorist attacks between 2014 and today are … Muslims. Also: most victims are not living in the USA – which must come as some relief to the White House, concentrating on making America safe again.

The most recent attack happened in Afghanistan again, and was aimed at the country’s legal system. As for the massacres which belong to the alternative facts: there might be more.

Guardian: fictitious massacres


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