The wild, wild West

Imagine: you’ve never committed a crime. You are totally innocent. Police merely presume or suspect, you may have committed a crime. Perhaps someone who dislikes you, has accused you. Guess what?

Police is allowed to seize your cash and property, without needing any conviction – in the wild, wild West.

I’m so glad I’m not living in that wild, wild West – or in the USA. Like plenty people, I was once accused of a crime I did not commit.

I would not wish what happened upon my enemies. It was a harrowing experience and hiring a lawyer to prove my innocence, did cost the earth. The police and accuser were knocked into a corner, someone else was convicted – but only because I had money to hire a lawyer. My cash and property remained mine – before, during, after this nightmare.

This would not have been the case ….
This is not the case, if you’re living in Texas.
Especially not, if you happen to live in Rockwall County in Texas.

You may agree, that grabbing property and cash of people who are suspected of have committed a crime, is going too far? Especially, as suspects may be innocent?

Well, an US state senator agreed with you. This state senator probably approves of the principle: “innocent till proven”. Like many, he is probably aware what article 11 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights states. He’s working on legislation which makes it perfectly legal to grab assets the moment a person is convicted – but not before. Sounds fine, just, right?

According to the UK Independent and other media, Rockwall County’s sheriff took issue with this state senator and his legislation. The sheriff’s full name is all over the media, so no need to mention it here. What ensured this sheriff hit the limelight, was him complaining about the state senator and his legislation to the person now dubbed the Dumb Deal.

Guess what the Dumb Deal told the sheriff?
Or rather, what the Dumb Deal threatens to do to the state senator?
A state senator who does not act the way the Dumb Deal wants?

Remember what happened before the Dumb Deal got elected? He threatened to jail one of his opponents? No, the Dumb Deal did not threaten to jail the state senator or strip him of all his assets – yet. The Dumb Deal bawled to all present during this scene, he’s going to destroy the state senator’s career.

There are currently 100 US state senators. As Natasha Jackson-Arnautu mentions in their job description: “State senators are responsible for representing the interests of the citizens in their district when considering legislation for the state. Their job is to improve the lives of their constituents. As elected officials, state senators are paid servants of the people“. So this gives plenty scope to anger the Dumb Deal.

After telling an acting attorney general “You’re fired!”, getting involved in a legal fight about his Bad Ban, taking issue with Australia and accomplishing worse, the Dumb Deal now threatens to tank careers of elected representatives of the people.

One wonders: will he strip state senators of their cash and property before, or after they’ve been convicted on “alternative facts?

UK Independent: Trump says “we’ll destroy his career”
Job description State Senator




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