Incredible US EU ambassador?

While the Dumb Deal is whining on twitter because one of his kids got “badly treated”, another case of “alternative facts” surfaced.

The reason for the tweets, while the Dumb Deal was apparently having a security meeting somewhere in the White House: a major US firm dropped the kid and her “fashion line”, because it didn’t make money. Of course, dad is now using the POTUS account to whine about “unfairly treated”. At least all this kept dad occupied with serious business.

More serious: apart from one Ms Conway, there is now one Ted Malloch. It seems the Dumb Deal picked this person to become ambassador to the EU.

There is a hiccup of a kind: EU politicians are openly stating they have a problem with Mr Malloch. So far, they have not received threats from the Dumb Deal concerning their careers and him meddling with these.

Regarding Mr Malloch: he wrote a book. According to the Financial Times this book contains “alternative facts” and this can be proven by real facts and evidence. EU politicians and the media also have problems with the credibility of statements and claims made by Mr Malloch. These include he has been knighted by the Queen and has been called a genius by Margaret Thatcher. (It is not reported if this happened before, or after her death).

Furthermore, the man intensely dislikes the EU. According to EU politician Gianni Pittella “… Mr Malloch seems to be more and more controversial – to use soft language. His personal credibility has been heavily put into question …” Mr Pittella is one of several people who want Malloch’s nomination blocked. Perhaps a visa-ban as proposed by the Australian Greens for a certain person might solve things?

Most people and nearly anything closely related to the Dumb Deal’s administration now simply lack credibility. One wonders: if Dumb Deal shows up for his UK state visit and bawls to Royalty – does this means, he’s been promoted to the peerage?

By now, the only thing which continues to amaze is, that nobody of this US administration has yet been convicted, impeached, put behind bars.

Guardian: Ted Malloch claims cast doubt on his credibility



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