We expect a return on our investment

No – not my words, but Ms DeVos’. According to the UK Independent, she apparently once wrote “I have decided to stop taking offense at the suggestion that we are buying influence … We expect a return on our investment“.

And invest she did! And a return she got!

The story is all over the media, web, twitter – everywhere now. Trump’s education secretary got nominated and accepted? Pence had to cast his vote to ensure she got there?

Betsy DeVos donated thousands of US Dollars to US senators to land her new job. She bought herself the job she coveted.

She has a burning ambition. She wants to promote God’s Kingdom on Earth. She probably skipped that bit in the Bible, telling the story how Jesus cleaned up the Temple by kicking out money-lenders and merchants.

But at least, over the years, she has been honest. She “candidly admitted” she wants a return on political donations. So far, Trump’s new education secretary donated over 3.5 million Euro to the Republican Party. Most of the money was donated during the last election campaign.

Senators Cassidy and Tillis are now known to have received “donations” of roughly 75,000 Euro each. Other donations amounted to slightly less, but nevertheless consisted of thousands of Euros.

Which seems a clear indication, that in the present US government – the Trump administration, jobs are truly up for sale and grabs – provided you are rich enough.
To explain things in Ms Devos’ own words:

My family is the biggest contributor of soft money to the Republican National Committee, … I have decided to stop taking offense at the suggestion that we are buying influence.

Or as a campaigner put it: “It’s true that money talks, and for the Republican Senate majority, $4 million in donations from Betsy DeVos and her family spoke louder than the voices of hundreds of thousands of constituents that called, emailed, tweeted, faxed, and protested about Ms DeVos’ nomination. … Unprepared, unaware, and unqualified, Ms DeVos will now lead an agency whose work touches the lives of virtually every American.

Of course, a government wants the right kind of influence over its education system. After all: it raises future voters, docile citizens with the right kind of mind-set and imbued with the right kind of ideas and easy to control. So the right kind of secretary was all important to this administration.

The DeVos donation-scheme is just one of the latest examples of how the present US government and the Republican Party work and function. Despite loud shouts during the election campaign, corruption would be tackled. Well, one gets used fast this US government’s way with facts.

With judges refusing to re-implement the Muslim Ban, one wonders how long it will take for the present US government to start meddling with the careers of these judges, as well as the judicial system, and perhaps even the Constitution. Contrary to what some Americans still believe: nothing is safe with these people in power.

As history teaches: it only took Hitler and his cronies six months to control and dominate Germany. Do Americans really think, there were no safety measures in place in pre-Nazi Germany at the time?

For outsiders, it is totally incomprehensible, that such blatant abuse of money and power, as shown by the present government, is still possible in the USA. One wonders: how long will it take for Ms DeVos and her bought support to face charges of corruption?

Just one thing: with her mindset and her money, when will she buy Trump’s chair?


UK Independent: Donald Trump’s new Education Secretary Betsy DeVos ‘donated nearly $900,000 to Senators who helped confirmation’


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