Confidential? Classified?

After digesting recent events in the continuing US 24/7 presidential soap, there was this interesting article by Richard Wolffe. It wondered about who exactly poses a security risk.

A few remarks in the article triggered questions.

For a start: “… the current US president owns this Mar-a-Lago as “the Winter White House”; member initiation fees doubled to $200,000 since he assumed office. The first visit of President Trump at the Winter White House took place on the weekend of February 3–5, 2017. … The primary business occupying the estate is the Mar-a-Lago Club, which operates as resort and hotel for dues-paying members, and rents out estate venues for private events. …” So who is running this estate and business and hotel and what-not, now dubbed “Winter White House” and making money from it?

Then there is the fact, reported all over the media, that members of the president’s club were having dinner in a space shared with the current US president and his chum the Japanese Prime Minister.

As reported by various media: members present got more than they bargained for. As one of them described it on Facebook, they were in the middle of the action. They got so close to the action, photos appeared on Facebook of military aids carrying briefcases known to contain confidential matter, including nuclear codes.

Have these members been vetted?
Or is paying the over-the-top-recently-doubled membership fee, deemed enough by the club’s owner?
Guess so: if you’re rich enough you are above the law, above anything and everything.

Who needs a national security advisor to resign over close ties with Russian officials after an election, who needs the FBI to investigate Russian hacks of servers and mails before an election, with this US president? This US president who raves and rants when thwarted or not, has too many opaque ties, cronies who buy themselves jobs by “donating”money to senators, and worse?

When questions were asked, the president’s press secretary told journalists no classified material had been reviewed on the patio of Trump’s resort. The only possible answer – whether alternative fact, or fake or real news. For handling sensitive or classified material in a non-secure environment is illegal in the US. So after the patio-scene, the current US president might have found himself in a bit of bother.

No need to start looking for the right Facebook account, the photos and account were deleted. However: photos of guests, president, the Japanese PM having dinner at the club and “reviewing” can be found all over the web.

UK Guardian Richard Wolffe: Mike Flynn might be done
NY Times: From Trump’s Mar-a-Lago to Facebook


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