Sticky relations

Some hinted relations between Trump and Putin were close. Some hinted at hotel rooms and what might, or might not have gone on in or outside these. It’s Valentine’s Day and it’s not Trump, but a close advisor who resigned over sticky relations.

Sticky relations with a Russian ambassador, which went on for anybody’s guess how long. Don’t know about you, but I don’t corner an ambassador at a party to chat about sanctions over a cocktail, if we’re just on nodding terms. You have to agree: one doesn’t need to cover anything up, deny or lie about things to a president, his vice, the media – if there was nothing to the chat.

It seems Trump’s national security advisor knew more Russians, than just their ambassador. The media mention “Russian officials“. The guy’s resignation letter states: “… Unfortunately, because of the fast pace of events, I inadvertently briefed the Vice-President Elect and others with incomplete information regarding my phone calls with the Russian Ambassador …“. Scroll down to read, it’s not just phone calls.

With this US administration, its chummy ties with Putin, its promotion of even closer relationships, one wonders: how many Russian moles are running the White House? Sorry: are running around in this house? It’s starting to beat a John le Carré’s novel.

In desperate need of comic relief, the White House had a go at alternative facts and fake news. Their Bowling Green Massacre specialist had a shot at mixing up messages. The senior counselor started by telling media her boss backed Mr Flynn the full two-hundred percent. The percentage of backing was soon scaled down to less than a hundred percent – before the real news broke.

This mess was followed by arguments about the resignation. members of Trump’s  administration claim he asked for a resignation. Others deny this and say Flynn resigned himself. The whole handling of the affair only shows the amateurism and ineptitude of this president and his administration.

It’s not that they were not warned. The UK Telegraph and other media pointed out: “… Sally Yates, the then-acting US attorney general, told the White House late last month she believed Mr Flynn had misled them …” Ah – but someone fired her.

Now the FBI is busy investigating not emails, hacks, or servers: “…The FBI has been examining Mr Flynn’s phone calls amid questions about his interactions with Russian officials. In addition, the Army has been investigating whether Mr Flynn received money from the Russian government during a trip he took to Moscow in 2015.

With Flynn jr and sr now jobless, CNN wondered if this was the highest ever resignation from any US presidential administration. Well – let’s just sit back and wait. There may be more in store. CNN had lined up the likely candidates. One of them already has a history of sharing secrets. Just with his mistress, mind.

UK Telegraph: Ruth Sherlock and Chris Graham – Michael Flynn resigns


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