The Russian perception

Yesterday evening, a European tv station dedicated time to the Russian perception of the Trump administration. The hackers were preparing for their next celebration: Le Pen as French President. Russian power-brokers and annalists were interviewed and talked freely about Trump’s USA.

Before it started, a journalist reported on what had happened to Flynn, what had happened at this president’s “Winter White House”, and the spicy spin doled out at the recent press conference.  Trump, his cronies, his government, his administration were compared to boy scouts or gnomes, lost in the national and international wilderness.

Then the documentary started. It was a broadcast which did not make for happy viewing. Especially not for folks, whose countries can be overrun by Russians in less than 24 hours.

It was broadcast well before the news broke, that Trump aides had been contacting Russian officials, well before Trump got himself elected.

Now, it’s not just the frequency with which Republican aides and certain Russians chatted. It’s not North Korea firing rockets and possibly bumming off its leader’s family members. It is Russia showing it is trigger-happy.

It is confidently launching missiles and thus breaching arms treaties.

Guess what: there has been no response whatsoever from the White House.
Or as European officials and journalists point out: Putin is the only person whom Trump has not mistreated, abused, insulted, picked a fight with, raved at or about – no. On the contrary: Putin and Trump have a special relationship, which seems to pre-date Trump’s election to power, as a former British agent reported months ago.

Unsurprisingly, the Russian annalists and power brokers openly stated they were extremely pleased. They pointed out – rightly – that this emerging US is not what it used to be.

They perceive it as weak. They see Russia – instead of Trump’s USA – becoming great again. They notice Russia’s role on the world stage is an increasingly stronger and important one. They were already talking about Russia dominating world politics again.

The most interesting bit? Not hearing or watching Russian hackers getting ready to party because Marine le Pen will likely be elected France’s President. With or without a little bit of help from certain corners.

It was these Russians calling what took and is taking place in the Ukraine a  skirmish. If the invasion and war in the Ukraine are called a mere skirmish … If missile firing and breaching of treatises by Russia has no consequences … Then Russia is already preparing for more serious conflicts. They  know they have Trump’s silly USA wrapped up in tinsel with a crash ribbon around it.

Of course, such footage is not shown on CNN or any other US news channel. It clashes very much with the country’s perception of itself. It clashes with its present government and especially its president, who considers himself a world leader, but is actually a pathetic gnome who should never have come anywhere near the place he is in now.

New York Times: Russia deploys missile, violating


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