Just like Russia?

Hi, Mr P, noticed you’re calling Mr Netanyahu BeeBee – so you won’t mind me calling you Mr P. So Mr P, as one of your followers, I’ve got this question or two for you?

Mr P, in one of your recent tweets you state the situation in the US is just like in Russia? Never realized you had first hand experience. I mean: knew you’d done business there and visited. Now know your aides were chatting away with Russian officials and awful lot.

Never figured, you’ve first hand experience of Russia and what it means to live there as an ordinary person! I mean – did you have to queue there, like ordinary Russians? Were appartements blown up near your hotel ’cause of gas leaks? You got into trouble there? You got arrested there? Golly, Mr P!

I mean, as a supporter of Amnesty, other Human Rights groups and the media you sincerely despise – well, I know that in Russia, innocent people, critical folks, writers and artists and journalists simply disappear or get shot. They get arrested for naught. They get sent to prions and places called Gulag or something. And those places like Gulag and such – I don’t think these are like your ‘ermitage in Palm Beach.

I mean: most folks who get into trouble in Russia … Innocent or guilty – they rot away in places, are forgotten, are never heard of again. They get tortured too – but you’re not bothered by that, are you? So guess, you’re lucky to have gotten out of Russia alive and become Mr P of the USA.

And now, you tweet the USA is kind of like Russia? How awful!
And you in charge of that country!

My question: if the USA is just like Russia and you in charge of the USA, how does that reflect on you and your administration? I mean: you’ve been busy making America great again for a while now.

And another thing Mr P? Yesterday, I watched some of the media. Yes, I know you’ll say that’s a bad and dumb idea. But you were receiving your big fan mr BB – so I wanted to watch that.

Now I’m the first to admit it: I’m not that bright. So I vaguely remembered your fan Mr BB, was involved in some scandal, a while ago? So I had a look at what his country’s papers and yours said? Seems your friend Mr BB is under corruption investigation – again! Golly: again!

Then I read you maybe have hotels there, like you’ve got hotels in the countries which should be on, but aren’t on your list of that Muslim Ban thing? Or your family is involved in donating money and in building projects there, on land that belongs to other folks? Pardon, if I got that wrong. But guess you’ll now tweet Israeli media and leaks are like in Russia?

Oh Mr P, yesterday? I saw a panel discussion with some former ambassador.He said he preferred a pay-cut of over 96 percent to become US ambassador. That’s dedication! So – just to have everything crystal clear for a twit like me: what kind of pay-cut did you take?

You don’t want to tell? No sweat! The former ambassador – one of those top US lawyers – credited you with not enough intelligence to be involved in the chitchat going on between your aides and Russia during your campaign. Now isn’t that good news!

CNN and other news broadcasters supported him: the FBI are currently investigating four people and none of them is you! Of the four people, one resigned – sorry, you told him to resign according to that spicy item, sorry, Spicer something. Too bad you had to tell Mr Flynn to resign, instead of shouting: “You’re fired!”. Like you told Ms Yates who told you about this man weeks ago.

A shame he was involved in what may be treacherous chats, or illegal activities. Too bad he chatted to Russian officials about those sanctions. Especially, as Mr Markov stated on telly, Russia doesn’t care **** about US sanctions.

But Mr P, watching you stand next to Mr BB was great! You and your supporters and close allies have found a new fan, apart from Mr Putin. Too bad Mr BB is under investigation for corruption for the umpteenth time and Mr Putin is dubbed a rather unsavory person by others.

At least you managed to show the world, you’re no gnome lost in the woods, but some leader whose apparatchiks are turning America into something as great as Putin’s Russia!

CNN: We don’t care about sanctions
Jerusalem Post: Netanyahu’s nightmare
Independent: Police likely to recommend indictment


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Multilingual arts & culture journalist, blogger, columnist, writer and translator. Contributor to international (news) media. 2014 winning columnist Gentse Schrijversdagen, Gand, Belgium.
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