He should do this to a therapist

They were discussing a press conference. A remark caused my laptop to nearly crash to the floor. I laughed so much! My laptop survived – though there came plenty more to laugh about.

It started when John King shared a tweet on CNN: “He should do this with a therapist – not on life TV!” A tweet from a Republican Senator summed up, what most of us thought.

You may dub me totally barmy, you might be right. Maybe I need a therapist, but unfortunately enough, they are way too expensive.

Not for this president. He’s currently having the US taxpayers foot his own and family members’ bills. Barely a month in office, and the first articles are appearing hinting at an “ … unusually elaborate lifestyle of America’s new first family … costing far beyond what has been typical for past presidents — a price tag that, based on past assessments of presidential travel and security costs, could balloon into the hundreds of millions of dollars over the course of a four-year term.” Seems I’m fortunate this guy’s not my president.

Meanwhile,  more people claimed he seemed rather unhinged at this press conference. He recycled a lot. Great! I’m all for recycling: empty tins, empty bottles, too big shoes, – whatever. It just came as a surprise Trump recycles. I thought he raved earth is not under threat, so I didn’t have him down as a Green goatee.

The next slot of entertainment came with the state of “America today”. Unsurprisingly, America is in a state. It’s CEO tweeted the situation in America is as bad as in Russia. The news is fake and the leaks are real.

Dazzling! Fortunately,  Kate Bolduan was able to give a running explanation. The president was shown claiming he won this huge victory which got him elected. I went like: “Okay – so the news is fake, the leaks are real and this is an alternative fact! I’m getting the hang of things!”

Meanwhile, the president had moved on. The press asked what he intended to do about a spy-ship his great friend Putin had parked in front of the US coast. As security of  the nation is such a mega-issue with this US administration, I expected a rant.

No: this president and his administration with all those aides which were chatting their heads off to Russian officials, clearly had no policy in place concerning handing out parking tickets to spy-ships and their owners. Fortunately, the guy’s not my president.

Nevertheless: the guy’s going to take action! He told the state department to have a peep into those criminal low-life-leaks. That from a guy who refused to fire Mr Flynn for weeks. The state department will investigate fake news and alternative facts, leaked all over the place. Should keep them busy.

Meanwhile, US citizens chatting their heads off to their country’s enemy are no traitors – provided they work for Trump and his administration.  So my logical conclusion was: then leaking is no crime – provided you work for Trump and his administration. So there can’t be any problem with having more low-life-leakers. Right?

BuzzFeed seems to offer a ticker for those desperate to count the days till the present president will be replaced. Meanwhile, this president is starting his next election campaign this weekend. Seems his administration is ticking like a well-oiled clock. So he can focus on getting elected for another term – instead of mucking in and cleaning up this so-called mess he inherited.

Mind: it was not totally clear the guy meant the mess of the past days since he was sworn in, or the mess of his four bankruptcies to date.

PS: Dear Republican Senator – Can you please tweet your president a list of therapists you can recommend? It may cut down the false claims, fake news, alternative facts, disclosed by this president and his team. That way, the man can really focus on getting re-elected in the distant future, instead of dealing with all the real issues on his plate.

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