John Doe, Jane Roe

My Canadian friends have kind of recovered. No idea if they recovered from a traumatising shock, or from nearly dying – from laughter. I’d told them they’d missed an election.Just for fun, at times, I like to tease my friends. And with a certain administration excelling at creating fake news … I occasionally follow their leads.

So I told my Canadian friends they had a new president. Some Joe Trudeau.
Easy on the ears and easy to remember. What was the new fellow like?

Fortunately, at the moment, there’s an ocean between us. So I didn’t get my ears boxed. I could hear the hoots of laughter though. Anyway, I wasn’t to blame for the fake news. Trump’s Spice Grrrll was.

Getting a lot of media attention last week, Sean Spicer couldn’t remember exactly what the name was of a recent visitor to his boss. Can imagine that, what with all that’s going on at this White House.

First people tender their resignation, resign, are asked to resign. Then folks in line for new jobs refuse to accept the offer, decline the honour, tell the president they are happy where they are and have no wish to become part of his administration. Though according to him, his administration is working like a well-oiled machine.

Fortunately, stressed out, Spice didn’t blurt out “John Doe”.

After one of the friends recovered, he retaliated. Told me Trump was seeing a therapist. Me being a naive European, I raised to the bait: “So those rumours he’s divorcing are true? He’s doing it with a therapist?”

It floored my friend. An hour and much fun later, I can tell you: fake news and alternative facts. Mr Trump and his wife may be in a LAT relationship; they’re not divorcing. Moreover, as far as my friend and I know, Mr Trump is not seeing or involved with a therapist.

We are merely witnessing a “change for the ages”. I bet. The Dumb Deal hasn’t even figured out the truth of the saying: the more things change, the more they remain the same.

On the other hand, the best known Jane Roe or Jane Doe – Norma McCorvey – died. With this administration intend on overturning “Doe vs Wade”, it seems somehow fitting. With Arkansas passing a law allowing rapists to sue rape victim(s) who seek abortion earlier this month, it seems like more writing on the wall.

NY Times: Norma McCorvey
Independent: Arkansas passes law allowing rapists


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