Florida fake news

Sweden? Sweden?! What happened in Sweden?!! An awful lot plus apparently another Bowling Green Massacre.

But before he blathered about whatever happened in Sweden, he “discussed” Brexit. Most folks are aware, plenty people in the UK (British expats were excluded) voted in favour of a Brexit, based on false news and alternative facts spun by the likes of Blundering Boris, who was then promoted to UK Foreign Secretary.

Plenty banks and international businesses are contemplating moving their headquarters from the UK to Europe, UK universities are experiencing a brain-drain and will lose EU funding (bar Oxford it seems), the costs of Brexit are expected to end up higher than predicted and when asked for clarity May’s government states it’s taking “measures on the fly“. Even Tony Blair – formerly accused of being the poodle of a Bush administration – promotes a Remain.

But in Florida, Trump advertised Brexit as the best thing since sliced bread. Ah: his country stands to gain by making deals with what seems to be the USA’s new colony. Oh, and Putin’s Russia also stands to gain. These days, the USA and Russia are hand-in-glove. If not openly, then through long telephone chats.

Though far more interesting was of course whatever happened in Sweden. The Swedish embassy in the US actually took the highly unusual step to formally ask this CEO of the USA for an explanation.

Apparently, the president knew more than the Swedes and the rest of us. Are his cronies planning something bad for Sweden? After all: plenty bad hombres in his administration or former advisors and aides, chatting to Russia.

So anything happening in or going to happen to Sweden, the world knows who’s behind it. It’s either this well-informed president, or his chum Putin.

This president may scream his administration is running smoothly – it’s more like a ticking time-bomb. It is rather nauseating to watch a country going from being a major power brokers and leader on the world stage to becoming its laughing-stock – in roughly four weeks.

This president may scream he wants to keep people with bad ideas out of his country?
How about getting rid of people with very bad ideas running his country?

Many journalists pointed out the president was parroted his chief “strategist” Steve Bannon again, in Florida. Those firmly believing Steve Bannon is the real president, described how this “rally” aped Bannon’s comments on globalization, wealthy elites and transnational trade deals.

Trump and his close allies and plenty in his administration claim they dislike wealthy elites? So what are they exactly? After all: they can’t claim to be bin-divers.

Trump doubled membership fees for his “Winter White House” exclusive club, once he was voted into the White House. He refuses to be honest and open about the rest of his earnings, wealth, businesses, connections – whatever. As for the chief “strategist” Bannon: his wealth is estimated to be a mere $ 10 million.

Regardless: in Florida, it was not just another fake news incident grabbing the headlines. This president was caught spinning and recycling lies – as usual.

Because of his previous claims, Intel felt forced weeks ago to point out its $ 7 bn investment and creation of roughly 3,000 jobs happened in 2011. YES: 2011! And who was in charge at the time? Not Dumb Deal Trump – though he apparently thinks he was.

And remember: this guy claims he inherited a mess – including this investment and jobs Intel created in 2011.

It is simply unbelievable, but Trump fans continue to claim and believe “… the president is off to a fine start, with understandable hiccups given the extent to which he and his people are honest-to-God government outsiders. They echo White House strategist Steve Bannon’s labeling of the media as “the opposition party” and blame the press for trying to tear Trump down. They see the protesters as petulant malcontents and repeat Trump’s accusation that some of them are surely getting paid to demonstrate. …

Watching it from the sidelines, one wonders: who is more unhinged, more into alternative facts and outright lies, unable to distinguish between fake and real? This president, his administration, or the deluded simpletons supporting them?

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