A pretty nasty virus

The good news is, that the US president has been and continuous to buy up websites. He has been doing this for decades. Most of the websites were and are bought to counteract and prevent criticism. Well – a decent offer for my blog will not be turned away, though I’m not as nasty or critical as some.

Despite his shopping-spree, Trump and his cronies and his administration and Republican supporters get bashed anyway. In the UK, a Labour MP stated the US suffers from a “pretty nasty virus, and it’s important that virus doesn’t spread”. Some journalists and MPs actually dubbed the proposed state visit a chance for the UK’s government to “pimping out the Queen for Donald Trump”.

People are still upset about the extremely hasty invitation to Trump by Ms May-hem. The far more popular president Obama was only invited after being in office for 758 days. G.W. Bush had to wait nearly 980 days before receiving an invite.

Remember: at the time, the USA and UK were still firm allies and friends. Now there’s a guy who doesn’t like NATO, favours Russia, shouts it’s America first – and worse.

Not all MPs are against the state visit. Some proposed it being postponed – a couple of years. MP Crispin Blunt for instance, prefers it to take place in 2020. Then it would fit in nicely with the 400th anniversary of the voyage of the Mayflower.

One wonders: what would have happened to the Founding Fathers, under Trump’s latest migration proposals? After all: they were refugees, spending several years on the European continent, before finally sailing off.  Their religious views did not exactly make them acceptable migrants and were their papers in order? It is, that Native Americans never bothered to ask for the right kind of visa and legal documents, identity kit, what not.

In the meantime, more fake news is being created. Republican Senator Brat, known for stating that “women are in my grill no matter where I go“, faced a nonstop heckling during a local meeting. His fake news? “Obamacare has just collapsed.” Everybody at his meeting disagreed.

Others present held up placards telling Mr Brat they were unpaid activist. Brat and the Dumb Deal claim protesters are being paid to show up at demonstrations, town hall meetings, rallies. Trump tweeted: “The so-called angry crowds in home districts of some Republicans are actually, in numerous cases, planned out by liberal activists. Sad!

Sad indeed, when an elected representative fails to understand, the small majority which voted him in, are this angry – within a mere four weeks of him becoming president.

All the shouting, heckling, angry demands for real answers did not prevent the Brat from promoting his book “American Underdog”. No, forget it: this book is not about the poor and others needing help and getting it. It’s about the Brat himself, getting elected to Congress. Some dog indeed.

In Tennessee, Mrs Blackburn was booed, faced disapproval and demands to tell the truth. Especially, when she tried to sell Trump’s education secretary Betsy DeVos to the crowd. (Remember: DeVos got the job as a return on investments.) Mrs Blackburn was told they were not stupid.

There were similar meetings throughout the US, though most were cancelled for fear of safety, crowds, demands for answers, critical questions. The response of those facing the brunt of a dysfunctional and unhinged administration? “It’s going to be fine!” One wonders: the Brat’s book sales?

UK Independent: Trump owns websites including “Trump Fraud” and “Trump Scam”
UK Independent: state visit MPS of all parties
NY Times: At Town Halls, doses of fury
Washington Post: women got up in Brat’s grill, and then some



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