As posted earlier, she threatens to smash the EU. Now MEPs have stripping Marine Le Pen of her immunity.

Various non-French media did report on Marine Le Pen being under EU investigation. As mentioned in a previous post, one of the investigations concerns ill-spent or illegally spent EU funds. As mentioned in this post, there are two other fraud investigations taking place into Marine Le Pen’s financial doings.

Now the UK Guardian reports Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) have stripped Marine Le Pen of her immunity. This decision is unrelated to the three investigations already taking place into Marine Le Pen and her Party.

French prosecutors want to start a case against Marine Le Pen for posting gruesome pictures. She posted these when a journalist dared compare her Front National to ISIS or Daesh. French law forbids the distribution of violent images.

Some media wonder why Fillon remains in the race to become France’s next President? After all: he is under investigation about giving family members fake jobs.

The same media continue to fail to mention, the three – and now four – investigations into  fraudulent behaviour of Marine Le Pen.

More interesting: usually, candidates under a cloud quit the election race. Yet despite three investigations concerning financial wrong-doings already running against her, Marine Le Pen never did.

She will undoubtedly refuse to stop campaigning, despite losing her MEP immunity. Her attitude and behaviour probably inspired François Fillon not to quit the race either. Yesterday, he vowed to continue campaigning, despite the official investigation in the “fake jobs affair”.

The French election is one of several taking place during the first half of 2017. At the moment, the most popular candidates are Marine Le Pen and her Front National and outsider Emmanual Macron. The fourth candidate is Benoît Hamon. So far, he has managed to steer clear of scandals but seems to be less popular than Le Pen and Macron.

The latter is an independent candidate. Some media claim he has no previous political ties nor much experience. This is not altogether true. Macron held a  post in President Hollande’s government.

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