How about some return on investment?

While digesting my breakfast and the wild news coming from the US, I started thinking. The day before, I had learned the US Army got far more money than any other army the world over.

While things were developing in Washington and elsewhere, Dumb Deal had gone off. He had promised an increase in the Army’s budget. So the boy had gone off to inspect one of his toys and chat up fans.

Bad Dude has promised his army an increase in its budget by a mere 54 billion US dollars. That sounds like a lot, until you read it is an increase of less than 10 percent on its usual annual budget.That certainly shows, the US army has an astronomical budget.

The problem is, where this money is coming from. Federal agencies will receive less. Considerably less will also be spent on foreign aid. The environment is of course a non-issue with this administration, while posts which are already under pressure thanks to previous budget cuts, will get even less.

Of course, the US Army is happy. Personally, I do not understand why an army which receives billions more in funds than any other army on this world, needs even more.

The toy the boy was inspecting, turned out to be the aircraft carrier USS Gerald R. Ford. As journalists pointed out, it ran over budget and “delivery date”. In 2014, it was already 2 billion US dollars over budget. Any idea what its annual operational costs will amount to? And this is just one of the US Army’s projects.

It is awful, but take a look at ISIS. One may hate their guts – and I certainly do – but one has to admit: those guys make bombs, rocket launchers, whole trains and much more – on a minimal budget. And as all of us know only too well: modern armies which have far more money at their disposal, have a serious problem getting rid of ISIS.

So the US Army claiming it needs and then getting more money on top of what it already gets, makes it look inefficient, while being unable to deliver a decent return on invested taxpayers’ money.

Bloomberg 2014 article: Pentagon overpays for almost everything


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