What about the timeline?

More and more members of the Trump administration and fervent supporters are being discovered of having some tie or connection with Russia. More and more people who belonged to, were close to, had some tie with the Trump campaign are being discovered to have some links with Russia.

Apart from these people, there are others. Some people had to leave during the campaign. Others resigned from the administration. More remain part of the close or inner circle of this president.

The latter, like lying top-cop Sessions, may be a headache. Those who disappeared from the scene remain interesting. They may have dropped out of sight. This does not necessarily mean all contacts between them, the administration, the president have ceased.

More continues to be uncovered about the many contact, ties, meetings between the current president and his administration and Russians from last summer right up to the present. There are government members, including the president, who have had contacts or worked with the Russians for years.

But what is most fascinating right now, is not some Republicans and many Trumps advisors and family members suddenly coming clean – under pressure and after so much time has elapsed. It is the timeline which is becoming interesting.

All these people met with Russians from early summer onwards – at least, that is what they suddenly remember once their positions become untenable. When being sworn in, when being under oath, when already being in office or command for weeks – when they can no longer deny things, they own up to having met with Russian representatives. While, as plenty pointed out, the Russian people involved, are rather difficult to erase from one’s memory.

During the campaign, Trump claimed the past election was rigged?

Now we are being told, it is normal for ambassadors and embassy staff to become chummy with people who are going to become members of an American government, administration, who belong to the close circle of buddies around a wanna-be president. A president whose Russian visits raise eyebrows and get intelligence services in several countries very worried.

These meetings and contacts started or increased during last summer?

At the time, who knew Trump was going to win?
Trump was screaming left, right, center, the elections were being rigged against him.

Did the Russians cultivate relations with the Democratic campaign team?

Don’t come up with the feeble excuse that ambassadors like to get to know people who are going to be in office – months ahead of the actual election.
That ambassadors, even “aggressive” ones, like to waste time on getting to know folks who will be campaigning for the next few months?
While it is not certain, these folks will ever get anywhere near an Oval Office?

Or did the Russians know more than the American people – in June, July, August and right up to today?

There is plenty time to get to know the new folks, once it is clear they have won the election. Especially in America, though one wonders why “informal meetings” to meet the Russian ambassador (one already has met or known or had contact with during the past few months or longer) – why such “informal meetings” need to take place at the very home of the president-elect. Nicely out of sight and hidden from the rest of the world.

This simply does not wash with me.

Washington Post: Growing list of contacts


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