Can be impeached – but won’t be

According to Robert Reich, the grounds on which president Trump can be impeached are mounting. Mr Reich, who was a member of previous US Presidential administrations, tweeted his opinion and the grounds for impeachment. So far, he counted four with a likely fifth “on the make”.

Recent accusations leveled at former President Obama are the latest. Another reason is the fact that the Bad Dude is earning buckets of money, by ensuring his Trump International Hotel is used by foreign delegations. Promoting Trump brands ensures more buckets: “China recently granted preliminary approval for dozens of Trump-branded businesses, including new hotels, spas, massage parlours and personal security services.

Then there is the travel ban – version one and the latest – which violates the 1st Amendment of the Constitution. The way the press and other media are being treated depending on their positive or negative coverage of the Dumb Deal and his government, violates the 1st Amendment on the freedom of the press.

Mounting evidence that the Bad Dude and his team were hand-in-glove with Russian officials is another ground, as such behaviour violates Article III Section 3 of the Constitution.

Unfortunately, it remains unlikely Trump and his government, supporters, advisors, family members, and other hanger-ons will get impeached or face accusations of treason. As Mr Reich points out: there is no political will to act against this president and his abominable entourage.

As long as Republicans remain in the majority in the House [impeachment] is unlikely.” Which puts the blame for present and future developments firmly on the Republican party. A responsibility, this party continues to duck.

Meanwhile, it becomes clear that the Dumb Deal’s version of health care will have the greatest impact on the poor. Healthcare-wise, they will likely end up worse than a decade ago.

The considered more than $6 billion in budget cuts to the HUD will practically wipe out public housing support and, finish most federally funded community development grants. This would terminate services such as meal assistance.

Then there is the fact this wonderful administration intends to take the US EPA to the cleaners. Budget cuts will affect the EPA’s core functions and “… 38 separate programs would be eliminated entirely. Grants to clean up brown-fields, or abandoned industrial sites, would be gone. Also zeroed out: the radon program, climate change initiatives and funding for Alaskan native villages.

The agency’s Office of Research and Development could lose up to 42 percent of its budget, according to an individual apprised of the administration’s plans. And the document eliminates funding altogether for the office’s “contribution to the U.S. Global Change Research Program,” a climate initiative that President George H.W. Bush launched in 1989. …

It is clear all this is no big deal and certainly no headache for Trump, his government, his party. They claim to create thousands of jobs – oops … an expected 35 ones … by having a few pipe-lines run straight through Native American land. As with Alaskan natives, these do not live anywhere near Washington, New York, Palm Beach.

Let’s also not forget mentioning the proposed cuts in airport security, border patrols and coast guard. As pointed out in a previous post, these cuts will only endanger the US current security – but are deemed necessary to partly fund the building of the great Mexican Wall. (Has Trump plans to turn this into a tourist attraction complete with Trump Taj Mahal Hotels and Casinos – thus creating millions and millions of jobs – , one wonders).                         .

The one positive news-item of the day? While Muslims and anybody from the “wrong kind of” countries are unwelcome – white, rich Canadians aged 55 and over are most welcome in the US!

Which only proves that discrimination based on colour, background, age, religion, country and what-not … is again very much alive and kicking in the Bad Dude’s fantasy – sorry – fantastic land.

Washington Post: more than $6 billion cuts to HUD
Washington Post: plans to cut EPA
UK Independent: Trump could be impeached on four grounds
UK Independent Robert Fisk: open arms to immigrants, if they’re white Canadians


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