The brawl is spreading

By now, both the Bad Dude and his Sean Spicer are getting their knickers in a twist. The Bad Dude stands by his weird and unsubstantiated claims, that his Trump Tower was hacked. Spicer is left holding the bucket of muck – as usual.

In a previous attempt at damage control, Spicer resorted to pointing out his CEO has no notion of English American grammar. The world had figured that out a long while ago.

Thursday, Spicer pointed out his CEO is unable to distinguish between the meaning of English words. Long words – not four letter ones.

According to Spicer, the Bad Dude mixes up surveillance, monitoring, wiretapping – with and without quotes. What a relief, one no longer needs to worry about hacked microphones and cameras in microwaves. It’s just about the wiring – it seems.

Not that the shift in focus means, the wild claims have imploded. On the contrary.

The House and Senate Intelligence Committees have formally declared there is no proof for wire tapping. Despite Spicer and others assuring the media, they would come up with other conclusions.

Despite all this, the Bad Dude stands by his claims. In fact, the claims are running amok. They crossed the ocean. It are no longer former President Obama and US intelligence services dabbling in wire tapping the Trump Tower. It’s the cousins across the ocean.

As with all the fake news, alternative facts, outrageous and unfounded accusations spouted by Trump and his administration – the result was predictable. And totally believable.

According to the UK Telegraph, a GCHQ spokesperson stated: “Recent allegations made by media commentator Judge Andrew Napolitano about GCHQ being asked to conduct ‘wiretapping’ against the then president elect are nonsense. They are utterly ridiculous.

So what’s up for the weekend? Angela Merkel’s handbag spying on the Bad Dude’s grill? Geert Wilders making indecent proposals to the Dumb Deal? Marine Le Pen refusing to come up close and personal?

No: more on close buddy and former National Security Advisor and contrary to the wild claims by Trump, these claims are underpinned, proven and there is disclosed evidence in the form of documents. As Bloomberg puts it: “He retroactively registered as a foreign agent with the Justice Department for work that his firm, Flynn Intel Group, did for a Dutch consulting company,  Inovo BV, which has ties to President Recep Erdogan.

But hey: “Trump says General Flynn did nothing wrong” – and stands by his claim that former President Obama wiretapped, monitored and put the Trump Towers under surveillance – helped by MI6 and other UK and US intelligence and security services.

So: what about German, Chinese – any other brand of intelligence and security services? They did not bother to use Trump’s microwave?

UK Telegraph: GCHQ on wiretapping “utterly ridiculous”
Bloomberg Politics: documents show
Washington Post: Sean Spicer’s lonely defense


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