That’s not how some things work

He’s selectively deaf. At least, that’s the latest spin on the question why Angela Merkel was refused a handshake by the POTUS. No idea what the Japanese PM said, that caused the Dumb Deal to hold his hands for too long. Plenty commented that PM Trudeau, with some boxing experience, had the upper hand. While Mrs May was “needed as a prop” – apparently, in case the Bad Dude keeled over.

More likely: the guy suffers from gynophobia.

To recover, the oaf went off to that retreat he owns – for some more golf, as usual. By now, he has spent more days playing golf, than the man accused by him of playing too much golf. Regardless: his golf did not prevent him from twittering.

Some tweets concerned NATO and Germany. The German defense minister kindly pointed out, the tweets were wrong. But as Germany’s defense minister is a woman – Dumb Deal will probably discredit whatever she states, even if unlike him, she underpins her statements with real evidence, real facts.

Various others, ranging from former ambassadors to defense specialists also pointed out the current POTUS got it wrong. To cite Mr Daalder, a former permanent representative to Nato: “That’s not how it works“. Or to cite former ambassador Lute: “That’s not how it works in NATO“. Sorry guys: this POTUS waffled months ago that according to him, NATO is obsolete.

Meanwhile: that supposed bugging of the POTUS’ Tower or microwave?

The POTUS continues to claim he was bugged, wired, hacked – without providing evidence and proof. He has promised mind-boggling revelations regarding the claim he stubbornly upholds. His spokespersons accused microwaves and the UK secret service.

The UK secret service officially denied it was involved. Various US politicians and various parts of the US administration publicly state there is no shred of evidence for the TT being wired, bugged.

The UK secret service received reassurances the false accusations would not be repeated. Only for the POTUS to bring them up again during the joint press interview last Friday. Or as a former UK ambassador to the US put it “… it appeared Mr Trump was ‘doing something the Russians want him to do’ … this story comes from the Russian playbook. …”

The most interesting tidbit of news which may be related to any further mega-revelations about the mind-boggling fake fact that POTUS’ Trump Tower was bugged, came about three days ago.

The moment I heard an US secret service laptop had been stolen, I thought: okay, here we go! There we have it! Here come the mega-incredible-revelations about the Bad Dude’s claims about the hacked cameras and microphones in his kitchen equipment.

Instead, things remain calm and ominously quiet. Though US media stated “… the laptop contained floor plans for Trump Tower, details on the criminal investigation of Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server and other national security information.

Things do not always work the way you expect them to – even if you RTFM.

So I was left wondering this weekend: why continue using a building which you know is bugged and wired? If cleared, where are the cameras and microphones? How convenient was this theft of the laptop with all those secrets on it? How long will the US continue to dance to the Russians’ tune? Is FBI director Comey, so obviously politically biassed, to be trusted at all? Will he come up with anything mind-boggling?

ABC News: “Fact-checking Trump”
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