Near-death experience? More like huevos revueltos!

“Trump seems to be heading towards a near-death experience!” a Belgian journalist cheerfully announced yesterday evening. The near-death experience looming over the “It’s going to be terrific”-guy being his care-bill experience.

The Belgian journalist continued sketching what would happen, if the bill would be kicked out by Congress. Then he graphically described what would happen, if the bill would end up in front of the US Senate. The difference? It would not be a NDE. It would at best be a thorough beating and two black eyes – or a mauling, a shredding, a taken to pieces with no kiss of life.

The Belgian journalist pointed out how much a few days in hospital cost the uninsured US patient: bankruptcy. Yet it seemed, nobody in Congress was much interested in helping people needing health care, but having problems making ends meet. Certainly not POTUS and his club, despite POTUS himself having gone bust several times. Guess he was healthy at the time.

Earlier this week, various media sported the headline: “Vote for the bill – else lose your seats!” Such blackmail and bullying would be totally unacceptable where I live. It would cause me to dig in heels anyway.

Feeling a bit squeamish after the graphics, I switched to CNN. One of my favorite anchors would start her slot. She had just time to announce history was going to be made one way or another … “Breaking News” butted in.

These days, when “breaking news” butts in, one thinks: “@$@&*!!! – where’s the terrorist attack this time? How many victims?”

Turned out the only victim was POTUS – still trying to convince the world, how terrific things were going. There had been a terrific implosion. Potus had muchos, muchos huevos revueltos on his face.

While hyperboles and spin were spouted for the media – who eagerly lapped it all up – it looked like the usual bad deal Trump, his government, his administration, his supporters excel in dishing out. It just missed being a near-death experience.

A quick analysis by a few CNN journalists: the bill was not put to the vote to ensure the president and his ogres were not left defeated. We’d figured that out, yeah.

So POTUS and ogres expected things to improve Friday sometime – after using more pressure to scramble enough votes together for the bill to pass. What a scramble.

The topic was shelved and instead, there followed an update on the US election campaign which had ensured the current world’s laughing-stock had been kicked into the White House.

The FBI’s still trying to work out:
– what kind of collusion with Russia had taken pace;
– how bad the orchestration had been;
– how well the coordination by Russia had been.
What at first seemed like a tiny infection, is turning into a festering open wound.
This president certainly seems to get things done.

Regardless, after the bad travel ban versions one and two, there’s now a bad bill being pushed through Congress version one or two. The Washington Post rightly points out Republicans simply cave in under pressure, bullying, blackmail, and similar “democratic” measures.

Anybody in for more huevos revueltos? It’s a very nice Mexican dish!

Washington Post: latest GOP health-care bill would mean as many uninsured
Washington Post: ultimatum – law makers change stance


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