NDE, pulled pork, muchos huevos revueltos

For a person surviving a political NDE, POTUS was left with a full plate. The only terrific thing was the spin. All this president’s men did their best, but could not change the real fact: disaster, rebellion, a mess. While no giraffe had been pulled through any keyhole.

Various people pointed out on Thursday, it would be wiser to leave things be. One thing the present occupiers of the White House show time and again: flat learning curve.

The pulling continued, the keyhole remained the same size, the bloody mess ended up on the wrong side. What remained on the floor did not resemble a giraffe. It was a hefty platter of pulled pork.

The whole circus left muchos huevos revueltos on lots of faces – not just Trump’s. Of course, he blamed Democrats. The real problem was his own gang of bandidos.

Now Trump’s political NDE – as a Belgian journalist dubbed it – is spun as “growing pains”. Don’t be daft. Don’t insult that part of the electorate and the Russians that got you where you’re sitting, dude! You can’t call this “growing pains”, when your majority counts over 30 rebels with a good cause!

Too bad the Republicans used about seven years to criticize and moan about Obama-care. They could and should have used those years to hammer out a decent, acceptable and worthy alternative.

POTUS’ response to his self-inflicted mess? Not just the usual tactic of blaming the wrong persons. Though in charge, he won’t accept any responsibilities.

His solution to his platter of pulled pork landing on the wrong side of the door? Let the situation get worse! Let it get out of hand! He’s just gonna sit on his fat ****hole – and let Americans suffer. What kind of attitude is that?

Score after about 65 days of him leading the country:
– the army gets heaps of money for toys for boys; but worthwhile and necessary expense items linked to the environment, education, financial assistance to the poor, culture and an awful lot more getting scrapped …
– travel ban one frozen, travel ban two frozen; tourists and countries like Canada looking for alternatives to trips and visits to the USA – just in case kids or adults are barred entry …
– flimsy alternative to Obama-care not retracted once but twice, with Obama-care remaining unaltered in place and the person in charge knowingly and willingly waiting for things to implode or explode …
– a US government under investigation for landing in charge thanks to colluding with at least one non-friendly state …
– a US president promising not to enrich himself yet continuing to ensure he financially benefits while in office through lots of juicy deals …
– and some more.

Next issue? That Mexican wall – which POTUS ensures, will be a pretty one.

Hitler’s scum ensured their final solution looked pretty. There were signs like “Arbeit macht Frei”. There were orchestras, theater groups and what not. But prettifying something ugly will not mean it becomes less ugly and offensive. Though such thoughts are probably lost on a president who sports a fake tan and hair.

Or the next dish of pulled pork may be the much trumpeted tax reforms. Various experts as well as journalists already pointed out, POTUS will ensure his tax reforms will greatly benefit him. So it is to be hoped the Republican rebellion will increase.

As for the pulled pork: it is not as straightforward and simple as Mexican huevos revueltos (see previous post for a recipe link). Here’s a recipe for pulled pork with a Mexican sauce, or try Mexican Pulled Pork Carnitas. Have fun and enjoy!



About Kate

Multilingual arts & culture journalist, blogger, columnist, writer and translator. Contributor to international (news) media. 2014 winning columnist Gentse Schrijversdagen, Gand, Belgium.
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