Meanwhile: the Raif Badawi case continues

In 2014, Saudi blogger Raif Badawi was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment and 1000 beatings or lashes with a stick. At the time, his case was highlighted throughout the world and the beatings temporarily stopped.

A few days ago, his wife received the news, the beatings will start again and her husband was also ordered to pay a hefty fine. Shortly after her husband ended up in a Saudi prison, she and their children fled Saudi Arabia. They found refuge in Canada.

Saudi authorities have confirmed the lashings will commence again. Furthermore, Badawi was ordered to pay a fine of roughly 270,000 US Dollars. All because of posts he blogged, which were deemed insulting Islam as well as breaking local technology laws.

Canadian officials are trying to get Raif Badawi released and united with his family in Canada. So far without success.

Unlike a few years ago, Human Rights organizations as well as various governments have not yet started international protest campaigns, though local branches of Amnesty International have contacted members. A few international media have started to draw attention to the Badawi case again. However, with Trump and others already competing for media attention, it is unlikely Raif Badawi will become front page news again. .

Al Araby
Der Stern

Raif Badawi Foundation




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