Brexit: no need to queue

Interesting: tomorrow Theresa May will trigger Article 50. The UK will start its real Brexit. Hard, fast, slow, soft, deal, no-deal: – journalists are waiting for the content of the official document to predict how things will develop.

One thing has become clear: though Scotland wants to remain part of the EU – but is barred from doing so straight away. Scotland would first need to vote to become independent again and cut ties with other parts of the United Kingdom. Then it would have to join a queue of other countries, wanting to join the European Union.

One nearly forgets: Scotland was not the only part of the UK which voted to remain part of the EU. There is Northern Ireland.

According to reporters of The Times who saw leaked documents, Northern Ireland would not have to queue. Should Northern Ireland opt to reunify with the rest of Ireland, which is a EU-member-state, Northern Ireland automatically becomes part of the EU again.

On the other hand, Northern Ireland is having problems forming a government. If these are not solved, the UK Government may well take Northern Ireland back under direct rule.

So it does not look like the United Kingdom will split up into various countries soon.

Independent: Northern Ireland


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